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The key to more agility and innovational strength for us is netWork - connected collaboration. The products and services of tomorrow need people who simply take on responsibility and push things forward together. Our most important internal event about future collaboration is the netWorkCamp - which takes place in 2017 for the second time.

Networked cooperation helps us to positively embrace the changes brought about by digitalization. User-friendly technologies are just as important for working together as the skills and attitudes of the people who work with them. Within the context of "DigitalLife employee networking", we are continuously developing both of these - through pilot projects and new training concepts, for example. netWork at Daimler stands for transparency and openness as well as for flatter hierarchies and more individual responsibility — attributes that will enable us to give our customers more service.

"Building a connected company" is the motto of our internal netWorkCamp in October 2017. It will be shaped by 400 people who make their weight felt as future collaboration pioneers at Daimler. The hottest topic for netWorkers in 2017 is the preparation for our new company-wide Social Intranet.

Here you go for a first Impression of the netWorkCamp 2017 #nwc17!


In 2018, Daimler will get a new Social Intranet. It will open a new era for digital collaboration and communication at our company.

292,000 employees from different departments, functions, teams and business sites will then be able to connect, communicate and collaborate on one single platform.

The Social Intranet will be home to corporate and user-generated content alike. It will integrate separate applications and offer new functions offering far more benefit for our daily work than now. It will replace our existing Intranet, our internal news channel #onair and our enterprise social network Daimler CONNECT with its communities and virtual workspaces.

The new platform is fully mobile accessible and highly user-friendly. Already during development new ground is broken: The cross-functional project Team from communications, IT and DigitalLife Strategy involves employees from the very beginning and gives access to the social intranet while it is still work in progress.

netWork stands for connected collaboration, but also for the network of people carrying out pioneer work in this field at Daimler. Often beyond their daily business, they become involved in their departments and teams for the optimal use of digital applications for collaboration.

netWorkCamp is the biggest internal event at Daimler for our future collaboration pioneers. 2017 it takes place for the second time, adopting the motto: "Building a connected company". Its approximately 400 participants come from a wide range of different units and plants but share the same conviction: A company has to be networked to create sustainable, networked products and services.

The netWorkCamp focuses primarily on skills and attitudes. Specific technologies are only addressed secondarily. The key topics in 2017 are: Social collaboration, community management, Social Intranet, new work and Working Out Loud.

The presentations and Workshops held by internal and external speakers give participants a view of the bigger picture. Furthermore, there is an open exchange with each other and with representatives of other companies.

The camp stands for a new openness, not only between the units, but also outwards. In 2017 again, you can follow all activities and conversations of the netWorkCamp on public social media channels like Twitter. #nwc17 is the official hashtag of the netWorkCamp.

Here you go for a first Impression of the netWorkCamp 2017 #nwc17!

Working Out Loud (WOL) is a co-creation method devised by the American author John Stepper. Its core principle is "growing by sharing". In day-to-day work, this means communicating your own work openly and continuously and, in return, benefiting from the feedback of other colleagues. New insights and perspectives create opportunities for advancing one's own work and oneself. WOL offers a simple twelve-week coaching program in which participants work in small groups to obtain key qualifications for a networked work environment.

The first WOL Circle at Daimler started in early 2016. In November 2016, John Stepper was an important guest at the first in-house net|WORK Camp, where he delivered a keynote speech and held a workshop session. Since then, more and more employees have been addressing and adopting the new methodology to improve themselves on both a professional and a private level.

A prime example of networking is the in-house DigitalLife Community on Daimler CONNECT. The open and cross-departmental community stands for a group-wide exchange between experts. More than 1600 members now use, communicate, discuss and experience trends and best-practice examples relating to digitalization topics. As well as helping the individuals and the community, the experiences and information shared here influence Daimler's sustainable, networked products and services.

More transparency and openness, flatter hierarchies, and more individual responsibility in day-to-day work - that's what the company-wide social network "Daimler CONNECT" stands for. Employees can communicate with each other here, learn at their own pace, and work by efficiently sharing ideas. The in-house communities and groups within Daimler CONNECT form marketplaces for ideas and experiences as well as supporting project work. Moreover, the impact of in-house events and initiatives is extended beyond the time of their occurrence.

Employees are enthusiastic about this openness and freedom to take the initiative.

Recently, more and more people have become involved in Daimler CONNECT. Together with them we are developing the new Social Intranet.

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