We set the pace and generate momentum for the digital transformation. Using a digital master plan, we shape the Group’s focus regarding digitalization and drive the digital transformation forward at all levels of the Group.

In the process, we concentrate on strategically relevant themes that have synergy potential for the Group, such as artificial intelligence and the respectful handling of data. We identify digital trends, point out their relevance to the Group, and use formats such as our DigitalLife TechTalks to ensure that digital knowledge is firmly established and transmitted both in-house and externally. Transparency is a key term here. The strategy team #transform ensures that people learn from one another and that synergies in the various divisions are identified early on.

It’s clear to us that we are actively shaping the mobility of tomorrow and linking trends, future technologies, and the individual needs of our customers. This means that the entire value chain is being systematically digitalized. That includes the methods we use to develop, plan, and produce our vehicles, the ways we communicate with our customers and partners, and, last but not least, our products themselves. In all of this digitalization, people are always our primary concern.

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