Unique personality The "Fintail Model" 110 series

In August 1961, a striking new body shape also conquered the upper medium class. With its short rear fins - parking aids which marked the end of the car to aid in backing up - its design was reminiscent of the fintail motif of American car designs.

This was the year in which Mercedes-Benz presented the "Fintail" models of the 110 series. The first to come onto the market were the 190 and 190 D sedans. The 200 and 200 D models with improved equipment and technology followed in 1965, as did the debut of the 230 model with a six-cylinder engine.

A special shape conquers the market in August 1961.

Standard body as modular principle

The developers used the body of the luxury sedan (W111) for the 110 series. From the windscreen to the luggage compartment, the 190 and 190 D models had the same bodies as the luxury Mercedes-Benz 220, 220 S, 220 SE and 300 SE models. The only features that distinguished the two variants were the front end and the wheelbase.

Extravagant as taxi

Angular with a personality of its own. With the "Fintail", Mercedes-Benz had brought a mature diesel product with state-of-the-art technology onto the market for the taxi trade. And what was good for the passengers also had the hearts of taxi drivers beating faster: four large, wide-opening doors, a lot of room in the interior, comfortable seats, attractive upholstery and a large, spacious luggage compartment were just a few of the attractions of the car for the mobility trade.

Two-liter diesel engine in the 190 D

The latest 190 D diesel model should actually have been called the 200 D. Because its OM 621 III pre-chamber engine had a displacement that was almost ten cubic centimeters larger than its predecessor. It also had a modified camshaft and the newly synchronized injection pump as well as optimized intake manifold. As a result the engine had 55 hp or 5 hp more than the predecessor.

The gasoline engine of the sister model was redesigned less strongly by the Mercedes-Benz engineers. It still produced 80 hp, but scored with its improved driving smoothness.

Goodbye Fintail

The production of the last continuously developed "Fintail" models stopped in February 1968 after the market launch of the completely new models of the "Stroke Eight" series in January of that year. In six and a half years of production, a total of 622,453 sedans and 5,859 chassis with partial bodies rolled off the production lines of the Sindelfingen plant.

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