The "Berlin Cab" The Benz 10/18 hp model

In 1908 the Benz & Cie. company inaugurated its new factory in Mannheim and successively relocated automobile production to the new factory. In the same year, the company brought a small, reasonably priced automobile onto the market, the 10/18 hp model. The first car went to Prince Waldemar, a nephew of the German Kaiser Wilhelm II.

Already in 1910 there were depots for taxi and bus companies such as the depot "Baruther Strasse" in Berlin (today Berlin-Kreuzberg).

In this early stage, Benz & Cie. already placed great value on maintaining close contacts with the guild of carriage and rental motorcar entrepreneurs who needed an economical and robust automobile for their business – which was clearly one of Benz's domains. What's more, Benz already offered the possibility of installment payments as well. Thus, it was no surprise that from 1909 the robust and resilient 10/18 hp motor car with the special "Berlin Cab" body naturally came to enjoy great popularity, especially in Berlin, and was widely used.

In the landaulet automobile the driver still sat outside but at least had a roof over his head.

The Type 10/18 PS gets his body in Mannheim-Waldhof (photo from 1910).

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