Mercedes-Benz is developing DRIVE PILOT, an SAE Level 3 conditional automated driving system feature, to transform the time spent in private vehicles. In addition to reducing the number of crashes caused by human error and frailties like drowsiness and distraction, the introduction of automated driving technologies such as DRIVE PILOT have the potential to transform the way people live and work. Private vehicles equipped with DRIVE PILOT can temporarily become a space for productivity, relaxation, or socializing.

DRIVE PILOT is designed to operate the vehicle under certain conditions on fully access-controlled highways, such as Interstate Freeways. Under these conditions, the driver can engage DRIVE PILOT to operate the vehicle and afterward relax and focus on non-driving tasks provided by the vehicle’s multimedia system. When it’s time to leave the freeway, or if an unusual situation develops, such as approaching a crash scene or the occurrence of a malfunction, DRIVE PILOT will alert the user to resume driving, while maintaining vehicle control until the user is able to do so.

Our newly-published Voluntary Safety Self-Assessment report, “Introducing DRIVE PILOT: An Automated Driving System for the Highway,” provides an overview of how we have built safety into every facet of DRIVE PILOT.

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