Reinventing safety: a joint approach to automated driving systems

For the joint development of a driving system for highly-automated and driverless vehicles (SAE Level 4/5), Daimler and Bosch work together in very close cooperation. Both partners rely on their automotive expertise accumulated over many decades to bring mature and safe innovations to market.

With their development cooperation on highly-automated and driverless driving in urban environments both partners aim to improve the flow of traffic in cities, enhance safety on the road and provide an important building block for the way traffic will work in the future. The technology will, among other things, boost the attraction of car sharing. In addition, it will allow people to make the best possible use of their time in the vehicle, and open up new mobility opportunities for people without a driver’s licence, for example.

The decisive factor for Daimler and Bosch is to introduce a safe, dependable and mature system.

With their newly published report “Reinventing safety: a joint approach to automated driving systems” both companies provide an overview of their safety testing as well as the development and the challenges they face in regard to this technology. Further topic: the collaboration with industrial and governmental parties.

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