So far – and yet so near. Networked with the vehicle

A human's best friend in many cases does not have four legs, but four wheels. Networked at any time and from anywhere with your vehicle – this is realized for customers for example via Mercedes me: The digital service platform is the central access point to the world of Mercedes-Benz.

Convenience on the road – with the 'Mercedes me' services

Mercedes me is your access to the world of Mercedes-Benz. The portal bundles innovative services, products and lifestyle offers by Mercedes-Benz, Daimler and our cooperation partners.

For Mercedes-Benz, connectivity means much more than Internet in the car. Even those who are not sitting behind the steering wheel can network with their vehicle and much more. The Mercedes me portal and the Mercedes me app bundle all digital offers, services and news. Customers are provided with direct access to all infotainment services from the fields of connectivity, service, financing, mobility and inspiration. Online access to the vehicle also opens up new opportunities for the transport sector.

With Mercedes me, we are making contact with the Mercedes-Benz World even more individual, transparent, attractive and convenient.

Ola Källenius, Member of Daimler AG's Board of Management responsible for Group Research and Mercedes-Benz Cars Development

The best connections – with Mercedes me connect

The connect service deals with arranging appointments with the user's Mercedes-Benz service partner.

Did I really lock the car? And how far can I go with what’s left in the tank? Mercedes me connect is able to answer such questions in seconds. The portal networks customers with their vehicle – and the vehicle with everything that is important to customers. In the car, safety is guaranteed by the accident, maintenance and breakdown management systems, as well as the Mercedes-Benz emergency call system and telediagnosis. "Live Traffic Information" provides traffic information in real time.

Remote control of the stationary heater

There are also optional additional services. Upon request, for example, the door can be locked remotely, the stationary heater programmed – or the vehicle located. Anyone who wants, can have their Mercedes-Benz located via GPS, for example in an unknown city. Anyone who does not want this, can deactivate the service at any time. Because the security of the data is just as important at Mercedes-Benz as the safety of all road users.

Mercedes me Adapter – the upgrade for your Mercedes!

Do a fitting with the Mercedes me Adapter and experience convenience and driving pleasure. For older Mercedes-Benz vehicles without connected functionality that was built after 2002.

With the Mercedes me Adapter and the associated Mercedes me Adapter app drivers of older Mercedes-Benz models are able to connect their vehicle and therefore use numerous features with their vehicle. Customers receive access to a range of vehicle data and functions via Bluetooth® on their smartphone:

  • My Vehicle: offers you personal access to the connected world of Mercedes me. Find all necessary information of your vehicle, including a cockpit with live data from your vehicle.
  • Enjoy the trip and let us take care of the rest. In the area Mobility you can choose: do you prefer receiving information about current prices of the filling stations or free parking spaces in car parks – or both? Card payment or disabled access should be available? No problem! Don´t let laborious searching stop you, navigate directly to your final destination instead. You can have a short stop at the filling station and continue afterwards.
  • How much money did you spent on gas last month or how many miles did you drive in your last holidays? You can keep all information of your trips, fillings and your personal Driver Score under control in the area Statistics. Categorize your trips as private or business and use the practical export functions for your files.
  • Service: you don´t need to have an eye on your number of kilometers, we keep you up-to-date regarding the current maintenance date of your car. Use the online booking appointment in the app to contact your Mercedes-Benz retailer for the next vehicle check.

Perfect organization – with Mercedes me assist and finance

Vehicle services are offered by a further area of the portal: Mercedes me assist. The mobile services take over, for example, the job of making appointments with a Mercedes-Benz service partner when maintenance work is due. After the workshop visit, the digital service report is available for download in the app. This is how the digital assistant frees up the customer's schedule for the important things in life. For example, the way to the next dream vehicle: Financing or leasing? The Mercedes me finance online service helps customers to find out which version suits them best.

Perfect mobility – with Mercedes me move and inspire

A platform for all mobility services.

In order to ensure that customers also remain mobile even without their Mercedes-Benz, the offer combines Mercedes me move with car2go, for example. Access to the mobility app moovel or the taxi calling function mytaxi is also provided. Mercedes-Benz Rent offers the right vehicle for every occasion, Blacklane arranges sedans with a chauffeur – and for journeys with the long-haul bus, there is a partnership with Flixbus. Any further questions? The community at Mercedes me inspire provides a large number of ideas and offers from the areas of events, travel, lifestyle and more.

Precise navigation to the front door

Even remote locking of the vehicle is possible via the app.

The Mercedes me portal is now available in more than 21 European countries, in Turkey, South Africa, China, Japan, and within a short time in Korea, in Eastern and Southern Europe. And not only with the laptop computer from your living room sofa: The Mercedes me app also enables convenient access on the go. The application can be used with all popular systems, on iOS and Android smartphones, as well as so-called wearables such as the Apple Watch. This also makes door-to-door navigation very easy: First of all, an app shows the route to the car on foot. The vehicle takes over the data – and after parking, the mobile application continues the route guidance for the last few meters.

As well as assisting with the automation of transport processes and the recording of driving times, the FleetBoard telematics system reduces maintenance and fuel costs.

"Tell Mercedes me to lock the vehicle"

Virtual technicians which send the long-haul trucker to the workshop. Navigation systems which drive to the next destination by voice activation. Is this the future? Will people talk to machines – and argue with them – more in the future than with their own partners? Anyway, language assistants such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home mark a new phase in everyday networking. Recently, US customers of Mercedes-Benz have also been able to access the car with these language assistants – and so will German and UK costumers starting in September. First of all, the navigation, locking and remote start of the vehicle were integrated. "Tell Mercedes me to lock the vehicle" – that is how easy car driving can be.

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