MBition. New home for Daimler software subsidiary

Last year Daimler founded MBition GmbH. The subsidiary primarily works on developing software for Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Now the Daimler subsidiary is taking the next step: With the official opening of the new building in Berlin, MBition now has a real home.

MBition is a fitting name for the young company. Because in order to shape the future of mobility, one thing above all is essential: Ambition. MBition will make a decisive contribution to this future: With software for Mercedes-Benz vehicles which are developed in close cooperation with our colleagues in Sindelfingen and in Daimler's worldwide development network. The MBition team currently consists of around 200 software developers and is set to continue growing.

Why does Daimler need a new software company?

The requirements of our customers are currently changing more quickly than was the case just a few years ago: Naturally Mercedes-Benz passenger cars will continue to shine with excellent safety, high reliability and a unique driving feeling. But many customers expect digital progress to be on board, too. In other words, customers now expect from Mercedes-Benz vehicles what they have become accustomed to on their smartphones – the latest technical features and apps, user-friendly control, a technologically matured and secure operating system. MBition works according to the principle of agile working methods and will continuously deliver software updates in future. This enables MBition to meet our customers' changed demands. In short: MBition combines the flexibility of a start-up with the opportunities and clout of a global company. As an example, MBition is now working on the next generation of the current multimedia system MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience).

MBition's standard: Define the digital future!

The purpose claim of Mercedes-Benz Cars is: "First move the world". This also fits well with what MBition can do, develop and produce: Software which shapes the digital, interactive future of our vehicles and thus of our customers. As part of the worldwide research and development network the MBition teams develop software for the entire vehicle: From navigation through cloud services to the design of user surfaces. At the moment MBition is also developing a digital ecosystem for flexible cooperation with various external experts all over the world.

Why Berlin?

It's no coincidence that Berlin is the new home of MBition: In the last few years numerous companies from the tech sector have made the capital their base. In some articles the city is even already being described as the new European Silicon Valley.

This means that: Here there is a working environment already bustling with many software specialists from all over the world. MBition will acquire the best of these brains in order to become a strong player under the Daimler umbrella.

With the new building MBition is now taking the next step on the road to a clear vision: The goal is for the software in Mercedes-Benz vehicles to be ahead of the competition and world class, just like everything else in our vehicles. And that is precisely what MBition is working on with all its heart – and ambition.

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