Door-to-door mobility. Daimler acquires dynamic ridesharing pioneer flinc.

In addition to the present Daimler Mobility Services such as car2go, moovel or mytaxi comes another mobility service: flinc. In contrast to traditional carpooling providers, the flinc platform organizes short journeys dynamically and door-to-door.

The start-up launched the flinc platform for short-distance carpooling in 2011. Today, around half a million customers are registered with the mobility service. As the first ridesharing solution, flinc was integrated into free floating carsharing platforms, local public transport apps and app-based navigation systems. Many renowned companies use flinc’s corporate ridesharing solution to secure and improve employee mobility.

Transport options are just as varied as the mobility demands of our customers. Whether flexible carsharing, ride-hailing or door-to-door ridesharing, with our mobility services, we are able to provide the ideal solution. With flinc, we are taking on an extremely well-coordinated team that brings valuable experience in the field of short-distance ridesharing.

Jörg Lamparter, Head of Mobility Services

Lab1886 actively supports Daimler's transition from being an automobile manufacturer to a mobility services provider. As a pioneer in the provision of real-time ridesharing ("dynamic ridesharing"), the company has pushed ahead numerous innovations.

We always ask ourselves two questions when we start new projects: Shall we develop the business model in our incubator ourselves? Or is there already a suitable solution available in the market? The start-up flinc is the ideal accelerator for ridesharing solutions – and we are determined to work on it together.

Susanne Hahn, Head of Lab1886

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