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CASE – these four letters are fundamentally changing mobility as we know it. You can now learn all about how we are using CASE to reshape the mobility of the future on our new website

CASE stands for four future-oriented fields: connectivity (Connected), autonomous driving (Autonomous), flexible use (Shared & Services) and electric powertrains (Electric). And Daimler is already making great progress in all of these fields to shape the future of mobility.

Connected. By connecting our vehicles, we not only enable our customers access to their cars, we are also laying the foundation for new service offerings. Pretty much all of our current vehicles are already connected.

Autonomous. Autonomous driving redefines the role of the automobile. It will not only enhance driving safety and comfort. It will also give us back the time we previously spent driving so that we can use it for other things. With the new S-Class, we are already showing the extent to which the car can assist and relieve the driver.

Shared & Services. The mobility of the future also offers more flexibility: own, share or rent - customers can personalize their mobility by choosing from these options. From car2go and myTaxi to the moovel mobility platform, we already offer our customers a wide range of shared-mobility services.

Electric. It's a sure bet that the future of mobility will be electric. In addition to the electrification of internal combustion engines, e.g. using plug-in hybrids, we aim to launch more than ten battery-electric cars by 2022, from the smart to large SUVs.

Many companies are working in these four fields – and not only in the classic auto industry. The letters often appear in print in one order or another; however, the way the letters are arranged is of secondary importance. The most important thing is to combine them.

Intuitive mobility – the combination of the future-oriented fields

With the CASE topics, we focus on one question above all: How do we create a mobility of the future that inspires our customers comprehensively? Only in the first step is it about the activities we perform in the individual CASE fields.

It is then about combining these activities to create a new mobility experience. We call this experience "intuitive mobility."

For us, this means offering our customers carefree and effortless mobility with no additional challenges. Specifically: convenient, user-friendly products and services that make life and personal mobility easier. Our goal is to create a comprehensively thought-out ecosystem which offers users safe and flexible mobility with zero emissions.

A glimpse into the future of intuitive mobility

Each of the four CASE fields in itself already changes mobility fundamentally; however, the revolutionary potential only becomes apparent when the CASE fields are combined. We already have electric and connected vehicles. And it will not be long before we offer vehicles that can drive completely autonomously. When characteristics such as connected, electric and autonomous are combined with our carsharing experiences, as in the case of car2go, the result is something totally new: a self-driving electric taxi. This shows that by combining the CASE fields creates an all-new form of mobility.

Fundamental transformation

The CASE future-oriented fields are characterized above all by speed. Many technology companies and startups around the world are active in the four fields. In this sense, it is not only the well-known tech companies from Silicon Valley that are relevant. A look toward China shows how fast the pace of innovation is when it comes to connectivity, autonomous driving, sharing and electrification.

Our aspiration as the inventor of the automobile is to help shape the CASE fields from a leading position. We will only succeed in doing this if we combine our existing structures with the speed and agility displayed by these technology companies and startups.

To this end, we have established a dedicated unit in which we work on the CASE fields. We have more room to maneuver there, which is deliberate, so in a sense we can in perform like a speedboat. An important factor here is that this unit is integrated into the structures of the Group and can access the know-how of colleagues. To stay with the metaphor, the speedboat should remain within sight of the Group.

E-mobility as the main axis

This unit is currently focusing on putting e-mobility on the road that both impresses and thrills customers.

The starting point for this is of course the products, which will launch from 2019 onward with the EQC and the vehicles that follow. These vehicles will underpin our aspiration to adopt the leading role in electric mobility. By adopting a totally new approach to our customers and services when it comes to e-mobility, e.g. by offering quick-charging functions, we will deliver comprehensive solutions that will inspire our customers. This is another example of intuitive mobility.

Relevance for the capital markets

Investors also want to know how the mobility of the future will be shaped. By combining the CASE fields with the goal of intuitive mobility, we provide an answer. We can deliver this future with the organizational setup of the CASE unit. We combine the freedoms and agility of the autonomous setup with the strengths and experience of our core business.

We therefore offer the investment market a reliable look ahead to the future in terms of the content-related and organizational design of intuitive mobility.

CASE gets its own website

Shaping the future of mobility is not a project with a defined end date. It is a task that will accompany us continuously. It is therefore also important that progress and results be transparent for all involved. Be it for our customers, existing or prospective, who want to know what the future of mobility will bring. Or for our employees, who want to experience the diversity of the new fields. And likewise for investors, who want to see that we are on a promising road to the future. Our new website aims to fulfill these aspirations.

Wilko Stark is Vice President Daimler and Mercedes-Benz Cars Strategy & Head of CASE.

Have fun!

Yours, Wilko Stark

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