smart vision EQ fortwo

A cool look, small dimensions and an interior without steering wheel or pedals – this is how smart imagines the mobile year of 2030. The future starts at the IAA 2017.

How can you resist? When the white smart vision EQ fortwo comes around the corner almost silently with its headlamp eyes beaming and the large display greets you with your name and profile picture, its all over and done with. Who would want to get into their own car and face the stress of inner-city traffic? Especially as the smart vision EQ fortwo has already set your personal preferences like music, lighting and climate control before it even opens the door.

Electric cars, urban mobility and autonomous driving haven't been the talk of the town just since this year's IAA. It's certain that particularly in the megacities many people will no longer own their own car in future – people without a car want to use a private means of retreat for their mobility in the city beyond that which taxis, buses or the train can offer them. For years now, providers like Uber and Lyft have been demonstrating how successful alternative transport concepts can be – particularly in the USA. However at present all of these driving businesses still have a human driver on-board.

,Hi Kate!‘ The new smart vision EQ fortwo welcomes passengers personally.

Crystal ball on wheels

The smart vision EQ fortwo, one of the stars of the IAA 2017, is going two steps further. The 2.69 meter-long city flea does not only have a cool appearance in the style of a crystal ball on wheels; it also dispenses with operating modules such as a steering wheel or pedals in its interior. Instead the doors swing upwards and the glass sides of the sphere rise electrically to allow entry into the airy interior. Despite the small exterior dimensions there is more than enough space for relaxation and peace in the turbulence of everyday traffic. When there are no passengers in the vehicle, the glass surfaces become opaque and the doors can be used for advertising or for information.

"The smart vision EQ fortwo is our vision of urban mobility in the future. It is the most radical car-sharing concept car ever: fully autonomous, communicative to the max, friendly, fully customizable and of course electric," says Annette Winkler, head of smart. "The EQ fortwo lends a face to those topics with which Mercedes-Benz Cars describes the perception of future mobility in the CASE strategy." CASE – these letters stand for the following fields: connectivity (Connected), autonomous driving (Autonomous), flexible use (Shared & Services) and electric drives (Electric).

The smart vision EQ fortwo is our vision for urban mobility in the future. It is the most radical car-sharing concept car: fully autonomous, communicative to the max, friendly, fully customizable and of course electric.

Annette Winkler, head of smart

"The urban electric vehicle of the future will be ordered by means of a quick call from your smartphone and it will be brought to your front door or a trendy café in a very short time and will then bring you to a chosen destination automatically. A car2go in the year 2030 with the advantage that you no longer have to steer the wheel yourself, but are transported fully autonomously and accident-free – 24/7 and 365 days a year. "The smart vision EQ fortwo boasts a 30 kWh battery with an electric range of 250 kilometres," product manager Rouven Remp explains. "The vehicle is charged inductively and searches for charging slots between journeys."

No steering wheel, no pedals. Instead, plenty of room for peace and relaxation in the midst of every traffic situation.

Passengers welcome

During the journey there is no need to be concerned with the traffic – not even in passing; and instead you can relax on a white lounge sofa with your favourite music, a film on the 24 inch screen or with a spot of internet browsing. Anyone who is bored alone in the smart vision EQ fortwo and who likes to meet new people or wants to reduce travel costs, can share the journey with someone else. The smart suggests passengers who are travelling in the same direction and who have also ordered a car2go.

In the interior of the smart vision EQ fortwo, a passenger can decide whether he or she wants to use the white lounge furniture as two individual seats or as one whole bench. If another passenger gets in, a central armrest extends upwards out of the comfortable leather sofa providing distance. Hello Future – here I am.

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