Quantum computing

The 21st century is also sometimes called the century of quantum computing. Future mobility requires dealing with highly complex issues that can push the current computer generations and server systems to their limits or beyond.

Quantum computers are associated with the expectation that these tasks will become possible or possible in much less time. Daimler is relying here on strategic research partnerships with Google and IBM in which we analyze the potential that quantum computing offers Daimler, as well as the possible limits associated with the use of future computer architectures.

The many possible areas of application for quantum computers include:

  • The selection of new materials based on quantum chemistry — e.g. for for the development of battery cells.
  • The efficient and convenient provision of individual mobility, e.g. autonomous vehicles in urban environments and megacities, which at the same time will relieve the strain on the transport
  • Logistics planning in the vans segment, where routes need to be planned and updated in real time on the basis of numerous variables.
  • The optimizations of production planning and production processes.
  • Machine learning to advance the development of artificial intelligence.


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