Pushing ahead. moovel's Move Forward platform wants to engage in a dialogue with an international community

Moving ahead, making cities smarter, and shaping the future of mobility — these are the aims of the Daimler subsidiary moovel Group. To achieve these goals, it is engaging the international community in a dialogue through its Move Forward blog. Since 2015 this blog serves as a central contact point for ideas and concepts related to tomorrow’s mobility and smart cities.

The mobility sector is currently undergoing rapid change, as the trend is moving toward “on demand”-mobility. City dwellers, in particular, tend to use a growing range of mobility services that extend from traditional services such as local public transportation to car sharing, ride sharing, and ride hailing services like mytaxi. From the customer’s point of view, mobility services should be seamlessly interconnected. The various services must be interlinked and this mobility network should be accessible from a central point where all of the services can also be directly paid for by smartphone — simply and without any fuss. The moovel Group is working on such an operating system for urban mobility that would enable users to access a wide variety of applications.

From autonomous driving all the way to urban planning

In order to conceive and shape such a future, moovel is using its English online platform Move Forward to engage in a dialogue with an international group of experts.

Our moovel apps are helping cities to make mobility smarter and more sustainable. Move Forward provides external and internal experts with an international platform where they can come up with new thoughts for urban mobility and smart cities,

Michael Kuhn, Head of Communications at moovel Group GmbH.

Anyone interested in these topics can become part of the community and apply to become authors by sending contributions to hello@move-forward.com. The Move Forward blog presents a mixture of internal and external viewpoints. Thoughts by international experts and insights into the work of the moovel Group set the agenda and provide food for thought concerning all of the facets of future mobility.

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