FC think! tank. The Partner for Future Ideas

Strategic financial innovation in our minds, creativity in our hearts: FC think! tank is the Daimler Finance & Controlling department's internal innovation hub. Since February 2016, the hub has been dedicated to the goal of making the financial organization fit for the future.

Passion for innovation

The most important resource for this are the employees themselves. The FC think! tank is the first point of contact for their promising ideas and creative optimization suggestions: With an extensive network within the Daimler Group and beyond, an inspiring environment, access to agile methods and resources, we offer everything that the innovative heart desires.

In 2018 FC think! tank has joined forces with Integrity & Legal Affairs as well as the Human Resources department. Besides similar topics it is particularly the same mentality that drives us: For us, the focus of each innovation project is the customer. With its sights set firmly on this goal, the FC think! tank develops prototypes and new business solutions in a guided innovation process together with the employees. The combination of clear structures and courage to take new approaches sets the employees' ideas on the path to tengable results in the shortest possible time – the implementation of new forecasting models or the use of artificial intelligence in Controlling, for instance. If an idea does not prove worthwhile, it has to be rethought or scrapped, true to the motto "fail fast – learn fast".

Tailored innovation consulting

Each innovation project is unique, and only leads to success with the right support. To develop individual solutions, the FC think! tank offers five specialized programs for product, process, and business model innovation: think!project, think!process, think!ubate, think!implement and think!impulse.

Individual, sustainable, structured - think!project creates innovative solutions for problems in all project phases. From the strategy workshop to prototyping, the project teams are supported throughout by coaches and experts. We place particular value on regular feedback and the use of agile methods in this process. Specific methodology training is also possible at any time. Constantly in focus: the customer.

Protracted processes frequently slow employees down, and nip innovation in the bud. FC think! tank turns the problem into the solution: think!process stands for standardized process innovation. The participants first clarify their goal: Do they want to save time, reduce costs or increase the quality of their results? During a four-week program, they are then familiarized with structured process management paired with agile methods. Supported by IT experts and innovation consultants, they quickly move from initial prototypes to the implementation of new or improved processes.

Idea in, corporate start-up out. With think!ubate, the FC think! tank develops initial ideas into validated solutions and business models. True to the motto of "You are the CEO", we provide the employees with mentors from the Daimler world and the start-up scene in order to test and implement ideas as quickly and successfully as possible. Prototyping, business planning, and pitch training round off the approach.

Back in the daily working routine it can be difficult to implement the developed ideas, processes and business models. Sometimes this can be attributed to a simple lack of access to a support network within the corporation, other times to previous experiences with change projects. Thus, think!implement further accompanies project teams as sparring partner up to the pilot stage and supports project organization, creates network connections and aids in applying agile methods such as scrum or IT-tools. In synergy with the other programs we can accompany our employees from the first idea all the way to a successful pilot – a true end-to-end solution.

The FC think! tank is a turbocharger for innovativeness as well as the innovation culture in the Finance department: think!impulse specifically fosters these through content and cultural stimuli. In doing this, we also look at the bigger picture, and exchange ideas on current topics, trends, and methods with internal and external experts. Guest presentations, hackathons, and theme days are intended to inspire employees to break free of the working routine and become innovative themselves.

The common feature of the programs is their professional backing. The FC think! tank connects people and brings employees together with the appropriate mentors. Coaches, entrepreneurs, IT specialists, technology experts or design agencies – our alliances with internal and external innovators ensure content expertise, methodological skills, the exchange of experience, and idea diversity.

Global turbocharger for ideas

At the Stuttgart site, the FC think! tank offers a great deal of space for creativity. However, we want to forge ideas and drive innovative projects forwards throughout the Daimler world. The FC think! tank pursues a pop-up concept, and pops up wherever innovation competence is required. Thanks to its extensive network, the FC think! tank has already conducted successful workshops in Beijing, Singapore, Portland, and Melbourne for example, and is available around the globe if need be.

Dr. Christian Nitschke

Head of FC think! tank

Sina Müller

Communication & Events

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