JOINT THINK! TANK. The Driver of Internal Group Innovation

JOINT THINK! TANK is the internal innovation unit for the central Group functions at Daimler. Our goal is to work together with our colleagues in order to make the Group's organization even more innovative and more efficient.

JOINT THINK! TANK focuses on innovations in administrative and specialist units at Daimler AG and the business divisions: together with the specialist departments (our customers) and employees, we sometimes look for the next "big thing", but it's mostly about making the service functions more customer-oriented, leaner and more efficient through innovations, new ideas and processes. We are striving to develop Daimler step by step from the inside out. The spectrum ranges from the implementation of new forecast models or the use of artificial intelligence in controlling, to an app for the project investment calculation or an information platform for dealing with intellectual property.

Tailored innovation consulting

Each project is unique and only leads to success with the right support. With a view to developing individual solutions, JOINT THINK! TANK understands innovation as a holistic process. This means helping colleagues to get started on the topic of innovation, on the one hand, and making them fit for their own projects, on the other. Because it is here that many colleagues, from controllers to attorneys, get their initial experience with new ideas for innovations. For this, the JOINT THINK! TANK offers regular event, workshop and training formats, strives to inspire and imparts the principles of innovative work.

Effective implementation of innovations

JOINT THINK! TANK then implements specific projects together with colleagues from the departments in its own workshop facilities at the Wizemann Areal in Stuttgart, which provide a neutral environment outside the Daimler sites and away from the daily routine. With a combination of clear structures and courage to explore new approaches, we quickly put the ideas of our employees on their way to tangible results.

In several stations, the innovation experts of JOINT THINK! TANK guide the project teams from the problem through the initial idea generation and prototype development and up to the validation of their product or process. Then, if the management agrees, we also accompany the teams during the implementation and scaling of their project. On the other hand, if an idea does not prove to be worthwhile, it must be rethought or scrapped, true to the motto "fail fast – learn fast".

Enabling employees

In the process, JOINT THINK! TANK takes on the role of coach and mentor, but the employees must develop the solutions themselves. It is important for us not only to support colleagues in the specific situation, but also to develop them into "innovators" in the long term and to pass our methodological expertise on to them. Conversely, we ourselves get insights into many exciting projects that are currently going on in the group and can generate synergies through our network.

Robert Mayer

Transformation Management Office

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