Countermotions and Election Proposals

As follows, you will find the countermotions and election proposals from shareholders as defined by Sections 126 and 127 of the German Stock Corporation Act on the items of the agenda of the Annual Meeting to be held on April 5, 2018.

The following motions are listed in the same order as they were received by Daimler.

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Mr. Paul Russmann, Stuttgart

Regarding Item 3 and Item 4 of the Agenda:

The actions of the members of the Board of Management are not to be ratified.


According to Annual Report 2017 of Daimler AG, “the ten principles of the UN Global Compact provide a fundamental guideline for our business operations,” to which “we are strongly committed as a founding member and part of the LEAD group.” With the ten principles, the signatory companies commit to working for a social and ecological global economic order. Daimler AG commits for example to protecting human rights.

However, Daimler AG makes no mention in its Annual Report 2017 of supplies of military vehicles to states waging war and violating human rights, which in the opinion of the Critical Shareholders and the ecumenical action Living Without Armaments contradicts the principles of the Global Compact. Information on Mercedes military vehicles can be found only at

Compared with the previous year, Daimler AG increased its exports of vehicles for military use in 2016 by nearly a third. 4,571 Unimogs, tank transporters and other military vehicles were delivered to 23 states (previous year: 3,465 military vehicles to 16 states). The recipient countries were Abu Dhabi, Algeria, Australia, Chile, Finland, France, Jordan, Qatar, Kuwait, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Morocco, Montenegro, Pakistan, Oman, Saudi-Arabia, Sweden, Switzerland, Serbia, South Africa, the Czech Republic and Turkey. The deliveries went primarily to states in which human rights are trodden underfoot and which are located in crisis areas or war zones. These exports were in fact approved by the German government; but legality does not automatically imply ethical legitimacy. Especially as Daimler AG boasts of giving the highest priority to “respecting and upholding human rights.”

The consequences of the production of military vehicles by Daimler AG are apparent, as for example recently in January 2018: Military transporters with the Mercedes star transported German Leopard tanks in the invasion – in contravention of international law – of Syria by the Turkish army.

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