Daimler Group Key Figures 2017

Here you will find the key figures of the Daimler group for the financial year 2017. Key Figures of our divisions as well as information on consolidated statement of financial position, statement of income (loss) and financial performance measures can be found on the following pages.

To the divisions' key figures

We are continuing along our path of profitable growth!

Daimler achieved record levels of unit sales and revenue in the year 2017, and Group EBIT also increased significantly. On the basis of solid finances and a strong core business, we are focusing our businesses on the future: with outstanding vehicles and services, with pioneering technologies and business models, with an innovative and flexible corporate culture, and with an organization that meets the needs of the markets’ growing dynamism. In 2017, we invested more than €15 billion in the future of the company, thus creating the right conditions for further profitable growth.


164,330 m

Revenue 2017

previous year 153,261 m €

6,744 m

Investment in property, plant and equipment 2017

previous year 5,889 m €

8,711 m

R & D expenditure 2017

previous year 7,572 m €

2,005 m

Free cash flow of the industrial business 2017

previous year 3,874 m €

14,682 m

EBIT 2017

previous year 12,902 m €

7,246 m

Value added 2017

previous year 5,243 m €

10,864 m

Net profit 2017

previous year 8,784 m €


Earnings per share 2017

previous year 7.97 €

3,905 m

Total dividend 2017

previous year 3,477 m €


Dividend per share 2017

previous year 3.25 €


Employees 31 Dec, 2017

previous year 282,488

Divisions' key figures

More reporting on the financial year 2017

In 2017, Daimler once again succeeded in breaking its record of the previous year.


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