Current Group Key Figures

Here you will find the latest Daimler key figures such as EBIT, Net Profit or Net Liquidity of the first quarter 2020 - including a brief explanation. For some key figures we have created charts showing the quarterly development in the past three years.

The COVID-19 pandemic has substantial effects on the global economy - and our company. We took the proactive decision to stop production in March, and moved very quickly into cash preservation and cost management mode. As a consequence, Daimler ended the first quarter with a positive result and a robust liquidity. Now we have started with a gradual ramp-up of our production. At the same time, we are continuing to invest in key technologies, including electrification and digitalization. They are non-negotiable elements of our future.

Ola Källenius, Chairman of the Board of Management of Daimler AG and Mercedes-Benz AG

How was Daimler's financial result?

37,223 mn


Q1 2019: € 39,698 mn

617 mn


Q1 2019: € 2,798 mn

168 mn

Net profit

Q1 2019: € 2,149mn

Quarterly development

How is Daimler positioned in financial terms?

Daimler responded to the temporary drop in demand caused by the pandemic by proactively taking production stoppages in March and April, thus securing the Group's financial strength.

The net liquidity of the industrial business decreased. The decrease is particularly due to the negative free cash flow of the industrial business which was particularly influenced by the global effects of the pandemic.

In early April, Daimler increased its financial flexibility with a further loan facility agreement in the amount of €12 billion. This is in addition to the existing €11 billion revolving credit facility, which has not yet been utilized, and has a term until 2025 including extension options. The additional loan facility was agreed with an international banking syndicate and can be utilized within a 12-month period with two extension options of six months.

How much does Daimler invest in its future?

2,354 mn

Capital expenditure

Q1 2019: € 2,634 mn

1,604 mn

Investment (industrial business) in ppe

Q1 2019: € 1,654 mn

2,354 mn

R&D expenditure

Q1 2019: € 2,378 mn

In first quarter we invested primarily at our production and assembly sites for innovative products and new technologies, as well as for the modernization and expansion of our worldwide production network. The sites in Germany accounted for €1.2 billion of capital expenditure (Q1 2019: €1.2 billion), the same as last year.

As part of the measures we are taking to safeguard liquidity and cut costs, we will also reduce our investment in property, plant and equipment and our research and development expenditure. However, we will continue to maintain the advance expenditures that serve to ensure the future viability of our company. Overall, we assume that investment in property, plant and equipment and research and development expenditure will be lower than in the previous year.

Quarterly development

Key Figures about employees and sales


Employees (2019)

End of year 2019: 298,655 employees


Sold vehicles

Q1 2019: 773,796 vehicles


At the end of the first quarter of 2020, the Daimler Group employed 298,611 people worldwide (end of 2019: 298,655). Of that total,172,936 were employed in Germany (end of 2019: 173,813), 25,798 in the United States (end of 2019: 25,788), 11,376 in Brazil (end of 2019: 11,128) and 11,380 in Japan (end of 2019: 10,056). Our consolidated companies in China employed 4,326 people at the end of March 2020 (end of 2019: 4,439).

Sold vehicles

The Group’s total unit sales decreased due to the global spread of the corona virus.

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