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Daimler’s divisions performed well in 2019 despite some difficult market conditions. This was significantly supported by numerous new products and innovative services. Mercedes-Benz Cars, Mercedes-Benz Vans and Daimler Buses all surpassed their prior-year unit sales.

Sales Mercedes-Benz Cars

The Mercedes-Benz Cars division sold a total of 2,385,400 vehicles in 2019 despite difficult overall conditions (2018: 2,382,800). The division thus surpassed the record level of unit sales set in the previous year.

Sold Units

Sales Mercedes-Benz Vans

Mercedes-Benz Vans set a new sales record once again in financial year 2019, with an increase of 4 % on the previous year’s figure to 438,400 units.

Sold Units

Sales Daimler Trucks

Daimler Trucks sold 488,500 vehicles in 2019, achieving a volume slightly below that of the previous year (2018: 517,300). The markets relevant for Daimler Trucks generally developed very disparately. In the second half of the year, demand in North America weakened significantly faster than expected, and the European truck market contracted in the second half of the year.

Sold Units

  • Includes content supplied by IHS Automotive, Copyright © IHS Global SA, 2019. All rights reserved, status as of February 2019.
  • CV are trucks with a GVW larger than 6 t, including US school bus chassis. Excluded are all other buses and coaches, off-highway trucks as well as trucks that are not registered (military, airport).
  • Information consolidated on Group level. Group is defined as the organization (typically publicly listed) which owns or controls truck brands. Brands belong to a group if the share is 50.1 % or more.
  • Figures are related to trucks that have been registered and are in operation – these exclude off-highway, military vehicles.
  • Data is based on reported numbers by agencies, in the unlikely event of data changes by agencies, IHS Automotive may have to adjust historical numbers.
  • Volvo Global Trucks excluding Eicher JV registrations.

Sales Daimler Buses

Daimler Buses sold 32,600 buses and bus chassis worldwide in financial year 2019 (2018: 30,900). The slight increase was due in particular to the noticeable recovery of the market in Brazil, ongoing strong demand in our important EU30 market and substantial sales growth in Argentina. A market-related decrease in demand in Turkey had a negative impact on our unit sales. The division was able to maintain its market leadership in its most important traditional core markets (EU30, Brazil, Argentina and Mexico).

Sold Units

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