USA – ABS Program overview

Mercedes-Benz Financial Services USA LLC (MBFS USA) as originator and servicer has a multi-year experience in securitization.

Regularly, MBFS USA issues prime retail loan and retail lease as well as dealer floorplan securitizations.

Retail Loan and Retail Lease Securitizations

The first MBART (“Mercedes-Benz Auto Receivables Trust”) retail loan deal was launched in 2009, the first MBALT (“Mercedes-Benz Auto Lease Trust”) retail lease deal in 2011. The underlying vehicles are Mercedes-Benz passenger cars, sport utility vehicles and smart automobiles. Since then MBFS USA has been involved in various public and private placements.

Dealer Floorplan Securitizations

The first MBMOT (“Mercedes-Benz Master Owner Trust”) floorplan transaction was launched in 2012. The notes are backed by dealer floorplan receivables, provided to the dealers to finance the inventory of new and pre-owned vehicles.


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