Release according to Article 26, Section 1 of the WpHG [the German Securities Trading Act] with the objective of Europe-wide distribution

Daimler AG 

10.04.2013 10:50

Dissemination of a Voting Rights Announcement, transmitted by DGAP - a company of EquityStory AG.
The issuer is solely responsible for the content of this announcement.

Publication pursuant to section 26 (1) WpHG

Notification pursuant to section 25a (1) WpHG

We have received the following notification of voting rights pursuant to section 25a WpHG:

1. Details of listed company: Daimler AG, Mercedesstraße 137, 70327 Stuttgart, Germany

2. Details of the company subject to the notification obligation (notifier):
Societe Generale SA, Paris, France

3. Triggering event: Falling below threshold
4. Threshold(s) crossed or reached: 5%

5. Date at which the threshold is crossed or reached: April 5, 2013
6. Total amount of voting rights: 4.66% (equals: 49,784,073 voting rights)
7. Detailed information on the voting rights proportion:
(Financial-/other) instruments pursuant to section 25a WpHG: 4.04% (equals: 43,182,858 voting rights)
thereof held indirectly: 0.52% (equals: 5,581,300 voting rights)
(Financial-/other) instruments pursuant to section 25 WpHG: 0.62% (equals: 6,601,215 voting rights)
thereof held indirectly: 0.00% (equals: 0 voting rights)
Voting rights pursuant to sections 21, 22 WpHG: 0.0% (equals: 0 voting rights)

8. Detailed information on (financial-/other) instruments pursuant to     section 25a WpHG:

Chain of controlled undertakings: Société Générale Effekten GmbH
ISIN or Name/Description of the (financial/ Maturity other ) 25a WpHG Certificate DE000UU8BZS9 21.06.2013 Certificate DE000BP19HB4 21.06.2013 Certificate DE000BP19HA6 21.06.2013 Certificate DE000BP19G94 21.06.2013 Certificate DE000UU8HR88 21.06.2013 Certificate DE000UU8RW55 21.06.2013 Certificate DE000UU8B1R3 21.06.2013 Equity Linked Swap 21/02/2013 to 08/04/2013 Equity Linked Swap 28/02/2013 to 16/04/2013 Equity Linked Swap 28/03/2013 to 25/04/2013 Equity Linked Swap 02/04/2013 to 15/04/2013 Equity Linked Swap 02/04/2013 to 16/04/2013 Equity Linked Swap 02/04/2013 to 29/04/2014 Equity Linked Swap 03/04/2013 to 15/04/2013 Equity Linked Swap 04/04/2013 to 18/04/2014 Future 19.04.2013 Future 21/06/13 Structured Call option 02.01.2015 Structured Call option 03.01.2025 Structured Call option 05.01.2015 Structured Call option 21.06.2013 Structured Call option 15.12.2017 Structured Call option 16.12.2016 Structured Call option 14.12.2018 Structured Call option 18.12.2015 Structured Call option 19.12.2014 Structured Call option 20.12.2013 Structured Put option 02.01.2015 Listed Call warrant DE000SG0BAK8 03.01.2025 Listed Call warrant DE000SG0WST7 03.01.2025 Listed Call warrant DE000SG0WSU5 03.01.2025 Listed Call warrant DE000SG0ZSJ1 03.01.2025 Listed Call warrant DE000SG12F60 18.12.2015 Listed Call warrant DE000SG12F78 18.12.2015 Listed Call warrant DE000SG26VM0 19.12.2014 Listed Call warrant DE000SG26VN8 19.12.2014 Listed Call warrant DE000SG26VP3 19.12.2014 Listed Call warrant DE000SG26VQ1 15.12.2017 Listed Call warrant DE000SG28668 05.01.2015 Listed Call warrant DE000SG2AKB4 18.12.2015 Listed Call warrant DE000SG2HN40 18.12.2015 Listed Call warrant DE000SG2HN57 18.12.2015 Listed Call warrant DE000SG2LVT0 16.12.2016 Listed Call warrant DE000SG2LVU8 16.12.2016 Listed Call warrant DE000SG2LVV6 16.12.2016 Listed Call warrant DE000SG2MBQ6 05.01.2015 Listed Call warrant DE000SG2MBR4 05.01.2015 Listed Call warrant DE000SG2MBS2 05.01.2015 Listed Call warrant DE000SG2WAR5 15.12.2017 Listed Call warrant DE000SG2WAS3 15.12.2017 Listed Call warrant DE000SG2WTV7 05.01.2015 Listed Call warrant DE000SG3AVG8 05.01.2015 Listed Call warrant DE000SG3P302 03.01.2025 Listed Call warrant DE000SG3UAC9 19.12.2014 Listed Call warrant DE000SG3UAD7 19.12.2014 Listed Call warrant DE000SG32NE2 14.12.2018 Listed Call warrant DE000SG32NF9 14.12.2018 Listed Call warrant DE000SG32NG7 14.12.2018 Listed Call warrant DE000SG3UAE5 18.12.2015 Listed Call warrant DE000SG3UAF2 18.12.2015 Listed Call warrant DE000SG3UAG0 18.12.2015 Listed Call warrant DE000SG3UAH8 18.12.2015 Listed Call warrant DE000SG3UAJ4 16.12.2016 Listed Call warrant DE000SG3UAK2 16.12.2016 Listed Call warrant DE000SG3UAL0 16.12.2016 Listed Call warrant DE000SG3UAM8 16.12.2016 Listed Call warrant DE000SG3UAN6 15.12.2017 Listed Call warrant DE000SG3UAP1 15.12.2017 Listed Call warrant DE000SG3UAQ9 15.12.2017 Listed Call warrant DE000SG3WF99 21.06.2013 Listed Call warrant DE000SG3WGA6 21.06.2013 Listed Call warrant DE000SG3WGB4 21.06.2013 Listed Call warrant DE000SG3WGC2 21.06.2013 Listed Call warrant DE000SG3WGD0 21.06.2013 Listed Call warrant DE000SG3WGK5 20.12.2013 Listed Call warrant DE000SG3WGL3 20.12.2013 Listed Call warrant DE000SG3WGM1 20.12.2013 Listed Call warrant DE000SG3WGN9 20.12.2013 Listed Call warrant DE000SG3WGP4 20.12.2013 Listed Put warrant DE000SG27819 21.06.2013 Listed Put warrant DE000SG27827 21.06.2013 Listed Put warrant DE000SG27835 21.06.2013 Listed Put warrant DE000SG27843 21.06.2013 Listed Put warrant DE000SG27850 21.06.2013 Listed Put warrant DE000SG29NT6 21.06.2013 Listed Put warrant DE000SG29NV2 21.06.2013 Listed Put warrant DE000SG31P08 21.06.2014 Listed Put warrant DE000SG31P16 21.06.2014 Listed Put warrant DE000SG31P24 21.06.2014 Listed Put warrant DE000SG31P32 21.06.2014 Listed Put warrant DE000SG31P40 21.06.2014 Listed Put warrant DE000SG31P57 21.06.2014 Listed Put warrant DE000SG31P65 21.06.2014 Listed Put warrant DE000SG31P73 21.06.2014 Listed Put warrant DE000SG31P81 21.06.2014 Listed Put warrant DE000SG31PJ8 21.06.2013 Listed Put warrant DE000SG31PN0 20.06.2013 Listed Put warrant DE000SG31PP5 20.06.2013 Listed Put warrant DE000SG31PQ3 20.06.2013 Listed Put warrant DE000SG31PS9 20.12.2013 Listed Put warrant DE000SG31PT7 20.12.2013 Listed Put warrant DE000SG31PU5 20.12.2013 Listed Put warrant DE000SG31PV3 20.12.2013 Listed Put warrant DE000SG31PW1 21.06.2014 Listed Put warrant DE000SG31PX9 21.06.2014 Listed Put warrant DE000SG31PY7 21.06.2014 Listed Put warrant DE000SG31PZ4 21.06.2014 Listed Put warrant DE000SG31YQ5 17.05.2013 Listed Put warrant DE000SG31YR3 17.05.2013 Listed Put warrant DE000SG31YS1 17.05.2013 Listed Put warrant DE000SG31YT9 17.05.2013 Listed Put warrant DE000SG3JRX2 20.12.2013 Listed Put warrant DE000SG3JRY0 20.12.2013 Listed Put warrant DE000SG3KYF3 20.12.2013 Listed Put warrant DE000SG3MD02 20.06.2013 Listed Put warrant DE000SG3MDW8 21.06.2013 Listed Put warrant DE000SG3MDY4 20.06.2013 Listed Put warrant DE000SG3PT01 20.06.2013 Listed Put warrant DE000SG3PT27 20.12.2013 Listed Put warrant DE000SG3PT35 20.12.2013 Listed Put warrant DE000SG3PTW7 21.06.2013 Listed Put warrant DE000SG3PTX5 21.06.2013 Listed Put warrant DE000SG3PTY3 20.09.2013 Listed Put warrant DE000SG3TB07 20.09.2013 Listed Put warrant DE000SG3TB15 20.09.2013 Listed Put warrant DE000SG3TB23 20.09.2013 Listed Put warrant DE000SG3TB31 20.12.2013 Listed Put warrant DE000SG3TB49 20.12.2013 Listed Put warrant DE000SG3TB56 20.12.2013 Listed Put warrant DE000SG3TB64 20.12.2013 Listed Put warrant DE000SG3TBS5 21.06.2013 Listed Put warrant DE000SG3TBT3 21.06.2013 Listed Put warrant DE000SG3TBU1 21.06.2013 Listed Put warrant DE000SG3TBV9 21.06.2013 Listed Put warrant DE000SG3TBW7 21.06.2013 Listed Put warrant DE000SG3TBX5 21.06.2013 Listed Put warrant DE000SG3TBY3 20.09.2013 Listed Put warrant DE000SG3TBZ0 20.09.2013 Listed Put warrant DE000SG3VKU8 21.06.2013 Listed Put warrant DE000SG3VKV6 21.06.2013 Listed Put warrant DE000SG3VKW4 20.09.2013 Listed Put warrant DE000SG3VKX2 20.09.2013 Listed Put warrant DE000SG3VKY0 20.12.2013 Listed Put warrant DE000SG3VKZ7 20.12.2013 Listed Put warrant DE000SG3WGE8 21.06.2013 Listed Put warrant DE000SG3WGF5 21.06.2013 Listed Put warrant DE000SG3WGG3 21.06.2013 Listed Put warrant DE000SG3WGH1 21.06.2013 Listed Put warrant DE000SG3WGJ7 21.06.2013 Listed Put warrant DE000SG3WGQ2 20.12.2013 Listed Put warrant DE000SG3WGR0 20.12.2013 Listed Put warrant DE000SG3WGS8 20.12.2013 Listed Put warrant DE000SG3WGT6 20.12.2013 Listed Put warrant DE000SG3WGU4 20.12.2013 Listed Put warrant DE000SG3YVF0 21.06.2013 Listed Put warrant DE000SG3YVH6 20.09.2013 Listed Put warrant DE000SG3YVK0 20.12.2013 Listed Put warrant DE000SG3Z4B1 21.06.2013 Listed Put warrant DE000SG3Z4C9 20.09.2013 Listed Put warrant DE000SG3Z4D7 20.09.2013 Listed Put warrant DE000SG3Z4E5 20.09.2013 Listed Put warrant DE000SG3Z4F2 20.09.2013 Listed Put warrant DE000SG3Z4G0 20.12.2013 Listed Put warrant DE000SG3Z4H8 20.12.2013 Listed Put warrant DE000SG3Z4J4 20.12.2013 Listed Put warrant DE000SG3Z4K2 20.12.2013 Physically-settled put options Listed Put Option 21.06.2013 Listed Put Option 19.04.2013 Listed Put Option 20.12.2013 Listed Put Option 20.06.2014 Listed Put Option 19.12.2014 Listed Put Option 18.12.2015 Listed Put Option 16.12.2016 Structured Put option 20.12.2013 Structured Put option 21.06.2013 Structured Put option 20.09.2013

10.04.2013 DGAP's Distribution Services include Regulatory Announcements, Financial/Corporate News and Press Releases.
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Language:     English
Company:      Daimler AG
              Mercedesstrasse 137
              70327 Stuttgart
End of Announcement DGAP News-Service  

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