Financial Portals

Each link of a financial portal you select makes you leave the Daimler website and will link you directly to the information which the portal provides about Daimler. Depending on the portal you will find there recent analyses, recommendations, earnings estimates or share price targets etc., which have been published by several banks and investment firms.

Note concerning external financial portals

All the big and important banks and investment firms, which cover the automotive sector as part of their analytic domain, are tracking the development of the Daimler share and analyze and rate it on a regular basis.

Information (opinions, research reports, estimates, and forecasts) regarding the performance of Daimler and the DAI share is prepared by various analysts and rating agencies and is available from those sources through the following financial portals.

The information provided in these portals represents the analysis and opinions of the respective analysts and rating agencies and not that of Daimler or its management. The links to these financial portals are provided for convenience only. By providing such links, Daimler does not intend to endorse, concur with, confirm, or invite users of the financial portals to make investment decisions based on, the recommendations, opinions, estimates or conclusions contained therein. Daimler does not have any influence on the creation, correctness, completeness and topicality of such information, and does not assume any liability or obligation for updating or revising it. Moreover, Daimler does not assume any liability for the selection of any of the analyst’s estimates or other information contained in these financial portals.

An overview of sell-side analysts who track and cover the Daimler share on a regular basis.

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