Dear readers,

due to the global coronavirus pandemic, large parts of social life have come to a standstill in many regions of the world. Containing the spread of the virus and interrupting chains of infection is the dictate of the moment. Daimler has decided to suspend the majority of its production as well as work in selected administrative departments.

This measure also affects the Daimler Magazine’s editorial team. But this is not the only reason why the Daimler Magazine will take a break for the time being. It is also because our texts are especially characterized by interesting protagonists and their stories, by facts that we have researched for you, and often enough also by a pinch of humor. We have the impression that all of this does not really fit a time in which a very serious topic is dominating the headlines. You are, however, of course very invited to browse through the existing stories on this page – they are worth reading even months after their date of publication.

We are hoping that we can provide you with new texts very, very soon. But for now, we will put our computers, cameras and notebooks aside – and do what’s the only right thing: Stay at home and reduce social contacts.

Take care!

The Daimler Magazine editorial team


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Welcome to Daimler’s new online magazine. We want to do three things here: Firstly we want to deal in depth with topics which are of social, technological or strategic relevance. Secondly we want to show the many faces that Daimler is made of. And thirdly we want to explain what this company does and why it does what it does. It is the place where we, every second Thursday, publish one main feature and, in a higher frequency, some shorter, entertaining formats.

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From Blog to Daimler Magazine

Sorry to take you by surprise, but the Daimler Blog has retired on Nov 7, 2019 - after twelve years. Say hello to its successor: the new Daimler Magazine – a magazine for mobility and society. We hope you’ll enjoy a good read!