Daimler Pride Tour 2019 Everyone different. All equal.

Daimler isn't just about strong brands, it's also about strong values. We are convinced that people are more motivated, more efficient and more satisfied if they can contribute their personality and identity as they are. That is why we demand and promote a culture of esteem and respect, whereby origin, age, and sexual identity or orientation do not play any role. We are nailing our colors to mast for exactly these values with the Daimler Pride Tour. And we are doing so worldwide.

It's not just simply Daimler as an employer that's behind Daimler Pride. There are a number of employees and brand partners around the world behind Daimler Pride, and they campaign for diversity, inclusion and respect on a daily basis.

This culture is supported by the work of our employee networks GL@D (Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender+ at Daimler) as well as Spectrum and Equal in the US.

We seek out dialog when it comes to diversity and inclusion. We promote exchange with our employees in close cooperation with corporate management, employee representatives and networks so as to sharpen awareness that these values concern everyone.

Participation in the Christopher Street Day Parades (CSD) in Germany and the Pride Parades in the US emerged from these dialogs and in close cooperation with the employee networks GL@D (Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender+ at Daimler), Spectrum and Equal.This involvement – depending on the location – has either already been in existence for many years now or it is just starting up.

In 2017, cross-locational cultural dialog according to the slogan "We live diversity!" emerged for the first time, supported by the Global Diversity Office. Daimler, the Mercedes-Benz Bank, car2go, Moovel and the GL@D employee network took part in six CSD parades with a big truck tour. With their participation, around 500 employees showed their support for openness and tolerance.

We built on this momentum in 2018: As part of the Daimler Pride Tour, Daimler took part in Pride Parades in a total of 17 cities for the first time. Company locations that wanted to communicate a sign of diversity and inclusion to the outside world were involved in the global tour on a cooperative basis. The joint motto: "We live diversity!"

The Daimler Pride Tour is one of the ways in which we express our commitment to diversity and inclusion. We practice it 365 days a year, however, and it is for example underscored by our membership of the UN Global Compact to Tackle Discrimination Against Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans & Intersex (LGBTI+) People.

Many of our employees are proud to work for Daimler. They are proud because we as an employer live a culture of diversity,

Do you want to know what makes our employees proud? Then follow us on Instagram @daimlercareer and discover our employees' contributions at #daimlerpride.

You, too, can show your support for diversity with #daimlerpride, for example if you have seen our Daimler Pride Truck at a parade, or if you want to share what makes you proud.

More details will follow soon.

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