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One of the world’s most unusual series-produced vehicles was launched on the market twenty years ago. It even looks different from conventional cars — the smart city coupe, which is now known as the smart fortwo. Its third generation has been on the market since 2014. After 20 years of production, it’s clear that this idea has prevailed — more than two million smarts have been sold to date. And the smart has remained true to its pioneering role: It’s the first automotive brand that aims to systematically switch its models from combustion engines to electric drive systems.

The battery-electric models from smart are the first series-produced vehicles of the Mercedes-Benz Cars EQ family. The new EQ control app smart simplifies access to electric mobility.

The smart EQ fortwo (combined power consumption: 13.1 - 12.9 kWh/100 km; combined CO₂ emissions: 0 g/km)** and smart EQ forfour (combined power consumption: 13.2 – 13.1 kWh/100 km; combined CO₂ emissions: 0 g/km)** are accompanied by the launch of an optimised charging technology as well as a new app around electric mobility.

This app combines numerous items of car-related information, such as the current charge level, the control of vehicle functions such as pre-entry climate control and charge management, and displays the corresponding information in personalised form. Another new feature is the 22 kW on-board charger with fast charging function.

The beginning of the smart EQ fortwo/forfour era will be celebrated with the special models smart EQ fortwo nightsky edition, smart EQ fortwo cabrio nightsky edition and smart EQ forfour nightsky edition.

smart EQ control app: The perfect digital companion

The new smart EQ control app, which will probably be available from mid-2018, is simple, straightforward and entertaining in typical smart style. With the personalised app, customers can always keep their eye on the current status of their vehicle and control the pre-entry climate control from their smartphone. In addition, intelligent push notifications inform the driver about important events around their electric smart. The built-in charging service now also makes it even easier to find the nearest charging station and to make the payment.

Defining features of the vehicles in black paintwork are accent trim parts in the signature blue colour of the EQ technology and product brand.

New 22 kW on-board charger with fast charging function

Zero-emissions driving is also made easier by the new 22 kW fast charger. This on-board charger permits three-phase charging at public charging stations or at a wallbox; the high-voltage battery is charged from 10 to 80 percent in under 40 minutes.

Smart has been selling only electric vehicles in the USA, Canada and Norway since 2017, and from 2020 it will be marketing only electric battery-powered vehicles in Germany and Western Europe, too. The rest of the world will follow suit shortly after.

Pioneers of the mobility of tomorrow

With the smart vision EQ fortwo, smart is transposing the Daimler Mobility Vision 2030+ onto the city of the future. It is thereby showing the evolution of carsharing — with a vehicle that’s incredibly efficient but nonetheless communicative and has the “human touch.” And of course it’s completely emission-free. The smart vision EQ fortwo is the first sharing concept vehicle; it’s equipped with everything that is technically possible and is thus perfectly adapted to the needs of city living.

- Uncompromisingly autonomous

- Forward-looking carsharing

- Uncompromising individualization

- Communicative

- Personal butler

- Super-compact

- Fully electric

smart "ready to": Innovative services

Making your own car available to friends via an app, having packages delivered directly to the trunk of your car, and getting immediate assistance in case of theft — the smart lab is developing these and other innovative services for our customers. These uncomplicated solutions create freedom for everyone who wants to have a car that’s more than just a car.

Learn more about the services here.


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