Dream car from next door. Private carsharing with Croove

Croove brings private vehicle providers and those who wish to rent a car together in an uncomplicated manner. The intuitive app-based service from Mercedes-Benz is available for all car makes. After the successful start of the pilot phase in Munich, Croove is now being successively rolled out in other major German cities. Croove is conquering the metropolises: safe and individual mobility among private individuals – at attractive prices.

With Croove, the sharing economy megatrend is being given further stimulus: Sharing instead of owning – with a classic win-win situation. Private vehicle suppliers can make profitable use of their cars in addition to their own requirements. For the person renting the vehicle, the desired model is available at low cost, independently of a permanent rental station. Both parties benefit from the fact that the utilization levels of an existing car are optimized – reasonable, simple and with full insurance.

On average, a car is parked up for 23 hours a day. Why not make it earn a little money during this time? Car-sharing will be a key element of the mobility concept in tomorrow's cities.

Dr Dieter Zetsche, Chairman of the Board of Management of Daimler AG and Head of Mercedes-Benz Cars

Online connection between private individuals

Croove's structure is very simple. The peer-to-peer carsharing platform allows private individuals to interact directly with one another. On the one hand the registered provider, who shows off the advantages of his or her car with a photograph via the app – irrespective of the vehicle make. For this purpose, he or she creates a profile online with the data of the vehicle, including special equipment, and enters the price he or she wants to charge. Alternatively, Croove can control the price and thereby balance supply and demand. The vehicle on offer must be in good condition and must not be more than 15 years old.

There are two main preconditions for the interested customer: He or she is at least 21 years old – this also applies to the vehicle owner by the way – and is in possession of a valid driver's license. After the customer has registered, he or she reserves his or her dream car as required with just a few clicks. The vehicle owner receives a message and can confirm the inquiry via the app. It could hardly be simpler.

Vehicle handover – quick and easy

There are two ways to hand over the car: personally between the owner and customer or with the help of a collection and delivery service which is subject to a charge. In both cases the condition of the vehicle is checked and documented when it is collected and returned. For this purpose, there is a checklist in the digital rental agreement that Croove provides. To finalize the transfer, the customer receives a TAN by means of a text message on his or her own mobile phone, which he or she has to enter in the app on the vehicle owner's mobile phone.


Comprehensive insurance cover, cashless payment and valuation

During the rental period, the car is fully covered against all damage and theft by the Allianz insurance company. This includes: mobility protection services, breakdown assistance and replacement mobility. The payment is always cashless and made via the app. After completion of the rental process, Croove transfers the income directly to the vehicle owner – less its commission. This fee amounts to 30 percent of the rental price and covers the insurance costs etc. After the vehicle has been returned, both parties can submit an in-app evaluation. This creates additional transparency and security.

Free rental decision up to the time of confirmation

The decision as to whether the vehicle will in fact be rented is always taken by the vehicle owner. He or she deals with the inquiries received on the Croove app himself/herself and can confirm them individually. The Croove app is available for download from Apple iTunes and the Google Play Store. There is also a desktop website for booking a vehicle.

Quickly book your dream car from your neighbor: With the help of the Croove app, private carsharing for car owners and those wishing to rent the vehicles is possible in a convenient digital way.

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