Pink in Norway A hotel room not quite like others: the Mercedes-Benz L 406

Welcome in the pink Swedish firetruck! A Mercedes-Benz L 406 that was lovingly converted to an Airbnb guest house. If you always wanted to go on a vacation of a different kind, you have come to the right place! Vacationing in a 50-year-old pink van in the middle of the Norwegian woods.

The van rolled off the assembly line at the Düsseldorf plant in 1968. A lot has happened since then: For twenty years, it was the loyal companion of a Gothenburg fire chief, before exploring the world together with its new owner and finally ending up in the garden of Bente and her husband Pål in Hvitsten, Norway.

Bente and Pål in their garden.

Bente and Pål turned the L 406 into something very special: Light blue became pink, and the van morphed into the what is probably the only one to accommodate overnight guests. Not much of the van's interior is reminiscent of its active service years. The couple spruced up the van, lovingly converted its interior into a living space, and parked it in a picturesque spot in their garden.

The light blue van turned into a dream in pink:

Vacation in the Mercedes-Benz L 406

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