High Five. BharatBenz on the Indian market for five years

In September 2012, the first BharatBenz truck was delivered to a customer. This month marks the fifth anniversary of this milestone for the Daimler Trucks business in India: In BharatBenz, Daimler introduced a commercial vehicle brand tailored specifically to the needs of India's growing market, and one that locally sets new standards in terms of quality, fuel efficiency, and reliability.

"Our strategic aim was to give Daimler Trucks a strong footprint in India with its immense growth potentials," Marc Llistosella explains. He was leading the establishment of our Indian commercial vehicle subsidiary Daimler India Commercial Vehicles (DICV) and today is responsible for Daimler Trucks Asia. "In just five years, we have firmly established BharatBenz as an aspirational brand in the world’s toughest commercial vehicle market. We thank our loyal customers and partners for making this unprecedented ramp-up happen with us."

Since the market launch, BharatBenz has sold more than 55,000 trucks to customers throughout India. In the second quarter of 2017, Daimler Trucks had a market share of 8.7% in the medium-duty and heavy-duty truck segment. Over the past months, the brand for the first time reached a double-digit percentage. DICV, based in Chennai, has benefited from its technology leadership in the process: in April, the new Bharat Stage IV (BS-IV) emission stage came into force. BharatBenz has been offering its entire truck product range also as BS-IV variants since 2015 and in March 2017, production was completely switched over to the new emission standard.

We continue on our sustainable growth track with BharatBenz. Customer demand has been particularly strong in the 16-49 tonnes segment, further extending our position as the clear number three in heavy-duty trucks. We have thus taken the next step and moved to two-shift operations at our manufacturing plant.

Erich Nesselhauf, Head of Daimler India Commercial Vehicles (DICV)

On the occasion of the anniversary, BharatBenz also presented a technological innovation – the first Euro V ready medium-duty trucks on the Indian market. "BharatBenz will continue to push the limits of India’s commercial vehicle industry," says Erich Nesselhauf. "We led the transition to the BS-IV standard, and we are proud to hand over to customers Euro-V ready trucks today. Improvements of air quality beyond the BS-IV levels can be achieved immediately."

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