Hard-working harvesters Mercedes-Benz Actros bring in Brazil's record harvest

Brazil reported a record harvest this year with over 200 million tonnes of soy, maize and beans.These goods have to be transported reliably. A job for the Brazilian Actros.

The proud Actros drivers of the Cereal Group.

For years, one of Brazil's leading agricultural enterprises, the Cereal Group, has relied on our Actros and last year they expanded their fleet with 15 more heavy duty trucks. The fleet of vehicles – which now consists of 65 vehicles – has plenty of work to do: Transporting cereals, soy and animal feed is part of their daily workload.

Convincing engine power and fuel consumption

We are very impressed by the power of the 510 hp engine. Thanks to the Actros, we save on fuel consumption and maintenance costs. That's reason enough for us to order 15 more vehicles.

Evaristo Barauna, founder and member of the Cereal Group

Evaristo Barauna, founder and member of the Cereal Group

On-road and off-road

The trucks travel between the agricultural regions and the company's warehouses on unpaved roads. Added to this are long distances and often bad road conditions when transporting the goods to the ports in São Paulo's coastal region. The Actros easily overcomes these hardships: Its robust chassis and the comfortable cab are specially designed for the sometimes very unfavorable road conditions in the Latin American market.

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