A Truck of the World Five years later, Job #1 Actros returns from overseas

In September 2011, Job #1 rolled off the assembly line as the first new Actros equipped to Euro VI standards. After initial testing at the Arctic Circle and then at home in South West Germany, it was sent to Abu Dhabi where the Actros would demonstrate what it was capable of at full capacity. From there, it now returned to Stuttgart.

After over 1 million kilometers, now comes "retirement"

It took us almost one week to obtain the approval of the Iranian port authority for our Actros. Now at last we can say: Stuttgart, here we come!

Walter Klatte

45 degrees Celsius and humidity up to 100 percent: The climate in Abu Dhabi itself is a stress test for the engine and vehicle. That is one reason why the engines of the heavy-duty engine platform (HDEP) and medium-duty engine generation (MDEG) are tested there. This pays off: whether sandstorm or cloudburst – the Actros and its team of drivers withstood the extreme weather conditions during the trip home with no problems.

Over one year ago, while in Abu Dhabi, Daimler employee Jochen Mast had the idea of driving Job #1 home to Germany. Since then, he and his colleagues have worked to prepare for the trip and finally brought the Actros back to Germany. Their trip took them first from Abu Dhabi by ship to Iran and then across through Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, and Austria before arriving back in Germany.

Cancel the hotel reservation; we're sleeping in the truck.

Thomas Weber

The day-to-day challenges: extreme weather conditions, long distances, border crossings and checks with excessive waiting periods and – again and again – the lengthy and inconvenient authorization procedures. To name just one example: at the border crossing from Turkey to Bulgaria, the drivers arrived to find a never-ending line of trucks ahead of them. They quickly came to the realization that they could forget arriving in Sofia as planned. "Cancel the hotel reservation; we're sleeping in the truck," was the driver's spontaneous decision. Hardships like these were accepted without complaint. The many encounters with hospitable and helpful people, along with breathtaking scenery, cities and towns more than made up for it.

Actros Job #1 Facts

  • 2012: Winter test in Finland.
  • Followed by endurance test in Germany (Aichelberg and Drackensteiner Hang, 1,000 kilometers per day with 40 ton load).
  • Since 2013: Endurance testing in Abu Dhabi.
  • March 2015: Visit by Jochen Mast and Walter Klatte in Abu Dhabi. The idea is born. Job #1 was to be withdrawn from service at the end of 2015. But then things changed...

The initiators

Walter Klatte

works in engine development and is responsible for endurance testing of engines in the vehicle.

Jochen Mast

works in truck product development, where he is responsible for the development of the engine periphery in the chassis section.

Thomas Weber

works in engine development and is responsible for endurance testing of engines at the Abu Dhabi site.

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