Like a king of the snow...

it opens a way through the Finnish countryside. No snow is too deep for it, no subsurface too slippery. The U 427 clears – in the best sense of the word – everything out of the way.

Making it the ideal new addition to the team at VR Track, an infrastructure company. What does it do in its role there? It clears the snow on road and on rail, and also acts as a tractor unit for transport journeys.

Specializing in infrastructure projects in Finland and Sweden, VR Track operates – among other services – 6000 kilometers of rail network. The company subjected the Unimog road-railer to not one, but multiple, endurance tests at temperatures well below freezing. These tests involved ice and vast amounts of snow, as well as additional equipment such as a snowplough, snow cutter, snow broom or a HIAB crane with an access platform.

The testers at VR Track were unanimous as to the result: For them, the Unimog U 427 is the perfect member of the team. On road, it can travel to its assignments at up to 89 km/h. On rail, it works fast and smoothly and is an ideal platform for other equipment and attachments. The driver is happy with it – and feels like a king of the snow.

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