The new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. One for all

With more than 3.4 million vehicles delivered to customers in 130 countries, the Sprinter is a hit. It’s a genuine global player that already satisfies an incredible spectrum of country-specific and sector-specific requirements. And it has already been writing its success story for more than 20 years. The third generation of the Sprinter, the large van from Mercedes-Benz Vans, now offers a new, diverse range of product features that serves specific market segments even more effectively than before.

The Sprinter as an integrated system solution

The new Sprinter is the first integrated system solution offered by Mercedes-Benz Vans. This vehicle is fully networked. Its standard equipment includes connectivity hardware and the services of Mercedes PRO connect. The new connectivity solution, in combination with the new generation of telematics, significantly lightens the administrative burdens of fleet management. By means of the fleet management tool, the Web-based service connects the fleet manager with all of the vehicles and drivers in his fleet. This makes it possible to manage assignments online and call up vehicle status information such as location, fuel reserves, and maintenance intervals almost in real time. As a result, fleet managers can quickly and easily gain a complete overview of their fleets.

Many variants

The new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter satisfies all transportation requirements. More than 1,700 variants can be created by combining different basic parameters such as body type, drive configuration, cabin design, body length, tonnage, and load compartment height. Thanks to this versatility, the Sprinter is the perfect vehicle for a wide range of sectors and transportation needs.

Now also available with front-wheel drive

In addition to the tried and tested rear-wheel and all-wheel drive, the third generation of the large van from Mercedes-Benz Vans is also available with front-wheel drive. For design reasons, the payload of this version is 50 kilograms greater than that of the rear-wheel-drive version. Another new feature of this variant is a loading sill that is 80 millimeters lower, which makes loading and unloading easier and getting in and out of the van more comfortable. Two newly developed transmissions are available for the front-wheel drive version: a 9-speed automatic transmission with torque converter — which is an innovation in the large-van segment — and a newly developed 6-speed manual transmission.

Proven strengths — taken to the next level

The carrying capacity of the front-wheel drive version has increased, thanks to wheel housings that can carry cargo and extended load compartment heights. Its maximum load volume is 17 m3, with a maximum tonnage of 5.5 tons. LED strips provide optimal lighting in the load compartment. The rear doors can now be opened even more easily all the way to the side walls.

The designers’ main focus was on safety features as well as an ergonomically optimized cab. In addition to the assistance and control systems, there is a reversing camera with an image on the inside mirror, a state-of-the-art parking package with a 360° panoramic view, and a rain sensor with an integrated Wet Wiper System for optimizing vision even while the windshield is being cleaned. In the Wet Wiper System, the washer fluid is channeled through the wiper arms, sprayed directly in front of the wiper blades and immediately wiped away. This increases the safety level, especially in situations of low visibility. It also reduces water use and the possibility of unintentional spraying of nearby pedestrians or vehicles traveling behind the van.

In the logistics and transportation world of the future, the key success factors will be versatility and the ability to offer customer-specific solutions. It’s no longer enough to simply produce a good vehicle. That’s why the new Sprinter has to be an all-rounder that is more than the sum of its parts. Thanks to its unprecedented range of variants, new connectivity services, and a new telematics generation, it will become the customized integrated system solution for a wide range of commercial haulage and mobility requirements. As a result, the new Sprinter is following the example of its predecessor: It is once again redefining the van segment. That makes it the embodiment of smart hardware. It will take its segment, our customers’ business operations, and our own business to the next level.

Volker Mornhinweg, Head of Mercedes-Benz Vans

eSprinter to follow in 2019

In addition to the systematic further development of its highly-efficient diesel engines, Mercedes-Benz Vans will in the future also offer locally emission-free electric drive systems in all segments so as to systematically drive the electrification of commercial fleets forward. A start is being made with the eVito, which can be ordered now and will become available in the second half of 2018. The eVito will be followed by the eSprinter in 2019. The electric models, which are primarily designed for inner-city operations, not only protect the environment but also offer customers tangible added value with their day-to-day suitability and flexibility.

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