Our Business Relationships

For Daimler, behaving with integrity is an essential prerequisite for trusting cooperation. Only in collaboration with our business partners can we preserve our ethical principles and achieve sustainable success. This is why the company provides its partners with regular and comprehensive information on integrity.

We act in accordance with the insight that only integrity can lead to sustainable economic success. We expect the same from our business partners, including suppliers, sales partners, and joint venture partners, as well as marketing and sponsorship partners.

In selecting our direct business partners, we make sure that they comply with the law and follow ethical principles.

We provide our business partners with training measures according to target groups and risks. In addition, we have formulated our principles in the brochure "Ethical Business. Our expectations of business partners”. The brochure is aimed at all of our business partners around the world, and is intended to promote awareness of the issues of integrity and business ethics.

We see integrity as an indispensable condition for trustful partnerships.

We see integrity as an indispensable condition for partnerships and collaborations with our business partners that are based on trust, If business partners fail to observe our standards, we retain the right to terminate the collaboration.

Our Supplier Sustainability Standards summarize all of our sustainable business requirements for Daimler AG suppliers, and convey our expectations regarding human rights, labor standards, and business ethics, as well as environmental and safety matters, along the supply chain. These standards are the binding basis for every business relationship with manufacturing suppliers and service providers worldwide. By signing the contract, our direct suppliers undertake to comply with the sustainability standards, to communicate them to their employees and to pass them on to their suppliers, too. We support our direct suppliers in this through targeted information and qualification. The main communication platform for suppliers is the Daimler Supplier Portal.

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