DigitalLife Day @IL Artificial intelligence, big data and legal tech

How do lawyers, data-protection specialists and compliance managers approach digitization? What challenges lie in big data, new working methods, current developments in legal tech, artificial intelligence and blockchain? These are the questions and topics that the Daimler department Integrity and Legal Affairs dealt with at one of the DigitalLife Day’s.

Companies face increasing regulation worldwide. On average, 200 new laws are created every day. With the help of digitization, we can manage this flood of rules more efficiently.

Digital working methods: a blessing or a curse?

New working methods have already found their way into Integrity and Legal Affairs at Daimler. For example, intelligent software in the form of legal tech is used to assess general terms and conditions and for due diligence audits. The goal with digital working methods is to increase efficiency and gain more time for qualified consulting activities.

That is the reason why one mayor focus at the DigitalLife Day @IL lies on future ways of working. In addition, experts from the company and the digital industry will give impetus to digital trends and current topics such as big data, data culture and decision automation.

Legal affairs and compliance at Daimler

Legal affairs, data-protection specialists and compliance managers are involved in relevant issues at Daimler at an early stage. The focus is not only on ongoing proceedings, but also, to a far greater extent, on providing legal counsel on future issues. The spectrum of tasks ranges from artificial intelligence, digital future mobility, data governance, trademark protection and traditional contract law to antitrust issues and technical compliance.

Legal and compliance departments at Daimler began at an early stage to adapt to these challenges with new structures and working methods. For example, so-called swarms have been set up for the subjects of autonomous driving and cloud services, to deal with the prerequisites for data storage and IT applications. The employees there work together across teams and develop targeted solutions for future issues.

As one of the first automobile manufacturers, Daimler is introducing a data-based compliance management system. In this way, the company is ensuring adherence to regulatory requirements as well as the responsible handling of data. Data compliance management is an element of the proven compliance management system at Daimler and reflects the importance of data-based business models.

DigitalLife@Daimler: actively supporting digital change

Daimler has been consistently pursuing the topic of digitization for a long time and has made it into a core component of its strategy. The aim of DigitalLife@Daimler is to develop and implement key measures for dealing with digital change. “With DigitalLife@Daimler, we are supporting the digital transformation across the divisions at Daimler,” says Markus Hägele, Head of DigitalLife@Daimler. “Our innovation culture is not only technology driven. Every change requires above all people who carry it and push it forward. We have been accompanying our employees on the journey of digital transformation for several years with the DigitalLife Days.”

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