Daimler celebrates diversity The Daimler Diversity Day

At Daimler we count on the diversity of our employees and we capitalize on the different experiences, skills and perspectives that they have. Diversity takes center stage on one day of the year above all: Daimler Diversity Day.

Daimler Diversity Day has been taking place annually since 2013. In this way, Daimler is supporting the Charta der Vielfalt e.V. initiative (German Diversity Charter) to promote diversity in the world of work.

Under the global motto “Ready to be different”, the focus of Daimler Diversity Day is above all the change of perspectives. The main goals: taking a new look at your own environment, understanding other perspectives and consciously experiencing diversity.

New cultures, attitudes, living environments – with campaigns and activities around the world, we show our colleagues how they can benefit from Diversity Management in the company. Because only by linking different perspectives we are able to achieve best results. For the company, its employees and for our customers worldwide.

Insight: This was Daimler Diversity Day 2019

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