Climate Protection & Air Quality at Daimler Mobility AG

For Daimler Mobility AG and Mercedes-Benz Bank, sustainability is a key component of the corporate values, which are put into practice every day. About 96 percent* of the global CO₂ emissions at Daimler Mobility AG and Mercedes-Benz Bank are caused by the power consumption in the offices. The ambition is to neutralize the global CO₂ footprint of the locations and administrative activities by the end of 2022. The biggest levers of this campaign will be the use of green energy and the systematic involvement of our employees in the development of a Green Office.

*Currently, we measure only the CO₂ emissions that originate in the offices at our locations. Other potential sources of emissions, such as business trips and plant canteens, are not included.

CO₂ neutrality at Daimler Moblity AG and Mercedes-Benz Bank

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