Joining forces to protect cranes

Daimler is official sponsor of the NABU Crane Center: As its mobility partner, we support national and international projects to protect the migratory birds.

Our aims are to preserve the cranes' breeding grounds, gathering areas and resting places in Germany, to help with international crane protection, and of course to inform people about these wonderful birds. I am absolutely delighted about the partnership with Daimler AG and the fantastic support for our work.

Dr. Günter Nowald, Director of Kranichschutz Deutschland and Head of the NABU Crane Center.

Those who wish to study and protect these impressive animals needs to be mobile themselves since the migratory birds cover hundreds of miles every year on their journeys from Africa and southern Europe. Therefore the organization "Kranichschutz Deutschland" (Crane Protection Germany) will be relying on a Mercedes-Benz Vito Tourer for its work in future. The vehicle was handed over in March 2019.

To find out more about the work of Kranichschutz Deutschland and the NABU Crane Center, visit

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