Corporate Citizenship: Working to promote the welfare of children

Since 2010, the Daimler employee Christmas campaign "Give a smile" has been conjuring a smile onto the faces of children and adolescents. Both throughout Germany and internationally, committed employees give away gift packages to socially disadvantaged families. These employee packages go to charitable organizations - 22,000 such packages were distributed last year alone. The social commitment of Daimler is also reflected in other campaigns, e.g. the donation gala "A heart for children" or the "RTL charity marathon". Projects and initiatives to provide help where it is needed are ongoing at Daimler throughout the year.

Daimler employees give a smile

There are no boundaries to the great and multi-faceted commitment of Daimler employees for the benefit of children and adolescents in the company's locations around the globe. Our motto is this: Together we can gradually make society a little bit better! With the in-house initiative "Give a smile", Daimler employees have been conjuring smiles onto the faces of children and adolescents from socially disadvantaged families for ten years now with Christmas gifts they have packed themselves – in over 40 corporate locations worldwide. More than 100,000 packages have been handed over to children since the campaign began. The Board of Management also takes part in the Christmas campaign each year.

The Daimler Board of Management at the handover of the parcels to the representatives of the organisations.

“A heart for children” - donation gala & Ndlovu Youth Choir

Earlier this year, once again, Daimler took part in the major TV fundraising gala "A heart for children" on December 7, 2019 in Berlin. By the time the gala came to an end, more than 18,000,000 euros had been donated to support international charitable organizations. In addition, working behind the scenes, Daimler acted as a mobility partner to support the South African Ndlovu Youth Choir, which made a guest appearance at the show. The Ndlovu Youth Choir was founded in 2009, and many of its members themselves grew up in South African townships. Thanks to the support of BILD "A heart for children" and the Hugo Tempelmann Foundation, to which the choir is affiliated, some of the choir members have meanwhile begun professional training and are starting out on independent and self-determined lives. On Daimler Diversity Day in June 2019, as part of their tour of Germany, the choir also paid a visit to the Mercedes-Benz home plant and corporate headquarters at Stuttgart-Untertürkheim. Over the lunchtime period the young people positively oozed energy with their dancing and singing.

RTL charity marathon

Leon Löwentraut on the donation phone of the RTL donation marathon.

Daimler also supported the 24th RTL charity marathon from November 21 to 22, 2019 – for the benefit of children in need in Germany and around the world. In this TV format, the TV station takes viewers to the RTL fundraising studio once an hour for an entire day, inviting donations for selected children's charities. Daimler took part in the RTL charity marathon as a mobility partner, providing shuttle vehicles to help ensure that the event ran smoothly. As well as by other celebrities, the fundraising telephone lines were manned by the Daimler brand ambassadors Britta Heidemann and Leon Löwentraut, who both share Daimler's commitment to respect and tolerance. The goal is to foster dialog between cultures, give opportunities to children and adolescents and thereby drive forward social development all over the world.

Employee commitment: support for children in need throughout the year

But it is not only at Christmas time that our employees are in action for the most vulnerable in society. "Social Days" or "Days of Caring" are held throughout the entire year - Corporate Citizenship at Daimler. Charitable projects for children and others are also supported and implemented as part of the "ProCent" initiative. In the ProCent initiative, the company adds another cent to every cent donated by Daimler employees. Providing simple, rapid and unbureaucratic assistance. This is the idea behind Daimler ProCent.

Corporate Citizenship

Our social commitment does not stop at a certain age limit. This is why, year after year, we work to progress development in a wide range of fields of activity around the world. "Good Corporate Citizen" encompasses all the social activities that contribute to Daimler's sustainable business strategy. We take our social responsibility seriously. Around the world we foster freedom, education, equality of opportunity and peaceful co-existence, thereby making our contribution to a sustainable society that is geared for the future.

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