GoBanyo shower bus: "Bathing is dignity"

The bus was donated by Hamburger Hochbahn. GoBanyo gGmbH works with charitable associations, foundations, organizations, Hamburger Hochbahn transport company as well as competent authorities to put the shower bus on the road. This gives homeless people the possibility to bathe – because "bathing is dignity." Daimler ProCent sponsors the project with 5,800 euros and participates in the expansion of the offering by installing screening walls for waiting guests, solar installations with batteries as well as a backup camera system including installation and commissioning.

The signs on the bus are standing on "shower" symbol instead of "Stop".( © Jan Brandes)

The operation of the GoBanyo shower bus for the Hamburg metro area is currently ensured for a longer period thanks to a successful crowd-funding campaign on startnext. The shower bus is run four days a week for five hours each. That translates into approximately 6,000 showers a year. The project will help many homeless people to have the courage to rejoin society, to apply for an apartment or just to sit on a park bench. Which was previously hardly conceivable - without a shower. Body hygiene and sanitation are supposed to give the homeless guests more self-esteem. They feel the transformation when they get off the bus. The shower bus features three shower units complete with toilets and sinks as well as power outlets for using the hairdryer. One shower unit is suitable for wheelchair owners. In addition, there is a small shelf with fresh underwear and toiletries for use after the shower. The GoBanyo shower bus will travel the streets wherever it is needed - including to regular locations in order to give the homeless a place to go where they can bathe when they would like to.

Dominik Bloh, co-initiator of the project, was on the streets himself for ten years.( © Jan Brandes)

GoBanyo is also a beneficiary at startsocial since 2019 and until at least March 2020. The startsocial beneficiaries are eligible for a free four-month consult period on their social initiative provided by two experienced specialists and managers each. They support the beneficiaries in realizing or evolving their social organizations, projects and ideas. As was also the case at GoBanyo. Dominik Bloh, co-initiator of the project, who was on the streets himself for ten years: GoBanyo shower bus

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