Laptops for pediatric palliative care team charitable initiative in Böblingen

Since 2016, a pediatric palliative care team has been providing professional outreach care to families in the Böblingen area. With support from Daimler ProCent to the tune of 8000 euros, the growing team has now been able to purchase five additional laptops. Special software allows the team to access patient files in a matter of seconds, emergencies included.

Critically ill children and young people need to be in the familiar surroundings of home with their family around them. The provision of specialist outreach palliative care has been enshrined in law since 2007 and can be made available either at home or in hospices or special nursing facilities, depending on the wishes of the family. The objective of this law is to maintain, promote and improve the quality of life of the children concerned, along with their ability to determine for themselves what should happen to them.

In the Stuttgart area, the pediatric palliative care team looks after babies, children and young people. The team comprises specially trained pediatric palliative care consultants, pediatric nurses, a social worker, a pastoral worker and a trained psychologist. These professionals are available around the clock. As a result, hospitalization can be kept to a minimum, with the young patients receiving all the medical and psychosocial services they need at home.

Alongside the care they give their young patients, the palliative specialists work with the siblings and parents affected, who need to be psychologically supported. Parents learn the best way of looking after their children and of helping them through this very difficult time. Medical care and psychosocial support work hand in hand in this respect. The specialists of the outreach palliative care team consult closely with the pediatricians, medical specialists and nursing services involved, as it is only by so doing that it is possible for the young patients to be cared for safely within their familiar environment.

To help raise the necessary funding for the team, the charity behind the team organizes regular benefit galas, benefit soccer games, public lectures and concerts, as well as sponsored runs.

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