New sleeping sofas for the Löwenherz children's hospice

The Löwenherz hospice for children and adolescents in Syke near Bremen helps families to stay together in the most trying times. The plan is to refurnish the family rooms so that siblings of the very seriously sick patients can also spend the night there. The Daimler ProCent initiative is supporting the Löwenherz association with 4500 euros to equip the family rooms with new sleeping sofas.

The Löwenherz association supports the whole family – right from the start. Pediatric nurses and doctors lovingly care for the terminally sick children during their stay in the hospice for children and adolescents. It is a mainstay of this care that the individual needs and wishes of the parents are taken into account. Numerous recreational facilities are available to siblings and family members which take their special situation into consideration and are accompanied by specially trained personnel.

The parents of terminally sick children are often very close to exhaustion. The diagnosis alone is extremely distressing for every family member, and turns their previous life completely on its head. The Löwenherz hospice for children and adolescents makes it possible for these parents and siblings to escape from the ongoing stress and debilitating daily routine for a time.

This is where they can find a calm refuge in which to regain their strength. This proves most effective if the whole family stays together to spend the precious remaining time with each other.

The hospice for children and adolescents has been open for extremely sick children and young people aged up to 24 and their families since 2003. Apart from accommodating them in Syke, the Löwenherz association also supports affected families in their homes. The Association provides mobile child hospice services in Bremen, Braunschweig and Lingen. There is a cooperative arrangement with 24 other hospice associations in Lower Saxony which supports the networking and training of numerous volunteer helpers.

Around 200 families can be accommodated in Syke each year. It is the siblings in particular who often suffer from the anguish of overworked mothers and fathers caring for the sick child, and they frequently feel sidelined as a result.

With the help of the Daimler ProCent initiative, the already bright and friendly rooms in the hospice can now be further upgraded. The new sleeping sofas are being installed to make families feel at home in Syke, and find the peace that they so urgently need.

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