ProCent: Strassenkinder e.V. - For an Empowered Life

There are more than 6,000 children and young people sleeping rough in Germany with no prospects. In Berlin, the charity Straßenkinder e.V. Berlin offers a warm place to spend time, meals and employment opportunities at three locations. The employment opportunities include the bicycle and woodworking workshop at the "BOLLE" children and youth center. This can now be optimized with the support of Daimler's ProCent employee initiative.

The charity looks after up to 150 children and young people every day. The approximately 25 employees and volunteers work to combat child poverty and inadequate education. The charity also works to prevent children from ending up on the streets in the first place.

At the "BOLLE" children and youth center, the helpers work hard to foster a sense of belonging among the children and youths, for example through DIY projects. For some it is the first time in their lives that someone has paid attention to them.

The kids that we look after are no less gifted than those from better-off areas. But their starting block in life is 30 meters behind. They need to get out of the bend.

Quote from Straßenkinder e.V. Berlin

Founded in the year 2000, the charity Straßenkinder e.V. also assists young people and their families in practical, everyday ways. Workshops provide them with professional help to improve their chances of finding work in the future, and also develop and reinforce their manual work skills. In addition to helping in acute emergencies, the charity's long-term goal is to improve children's and young people's long-term prospects. They should also be able to determine their own lives and finance themselves in the future.

The 'BOLLE' children and youth center has been a fixture in Berlin for years. The volunteer work involved cannot be estimated highly enough.

Ira Harder, Journalism graduate and volunteer.

Daimler's ProCent employee initiative has donated 3,000 euros toward expanding the bicycle and woodworking workshop at the "BOLLE" children and youth center. The money will be used to buy an upright drill, a circular bench saw, a turning lathe, cordless and pneumatic screwdrivers and materials.

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