Social Days campaign - "At eye level"

The Quality Management Powertrain center at Daimler has started an initiative for social responsibility and sustainability with the charity campaign "At eye level". Employees meet and help people whose lives are not always as they might be. Additionally, the campaign has helped to foster cooperation and team spirit in keeping with the Leadership 2020 initiative.

The team is cutting the garden hedge.

Doing good things together

"Sustainable projects like this are also important in challenging times for our company, to support the social commitment of the workforce," says Peter Bleyhl, Quality Management Powertrain, who is responsible for the campaign.

It was already clear to the team when the Social Days began that this would foster the kind of cooperation that is encouraged by the Leadership 2020 initiative: The basic idea is to have confidence in taking joint responsibility to achieve the best results.

In July, 60 employees from the Quality Management Powertrain center painted the walls for the children in need of the eva:lino Kita and certainly also for the adults living at Rudolf-Sophia Foundation in Stuttgart! "We are both embarking on an adventure," Ms. Hanna Fuhr, manager of the eva:lino day nursery, said when she opened the Social Day with Dr. Martin Roser, physician-in-chief at the Rudolf-Sophien Foundation Clinic.

While painting the wall.

One location, two institutions

The Social Days campaign "At eye level" took place in two neighboring institutions. The Rudolf-Sophien Foundation is an institution for the medical treatment, rehabilitation and care of mentally ill people. The site of the Rudolf-Sophien Foundation is also home to the eva:lino day nursery, whose staff care for children aged from one to six years.

A professional painting contractor accompanied the groups of volunteers up to the final brush stroke. Within the next eight hours, the complete interior of the dining room and gymnastics room plus the walls in the kitchen and corridors of the two institutions were painted.

I like doing things for others. It makes me feel good to do good without expecting anything in return.

Tom Rossberg

The social commitment to help others who are having a hard time in life and helping them to cope – I find that simply wonderful!

Michaela Schuhmann

As a thank you for the social commitment, the children's daycare team presented a flower pot in the form of a wild boar.

Well fortified after lunch in the tent they had erected themselves, the Social Days team from Quality Management Powertrain went back to work and produced results that more than impressed the professional: "You really get to work! This is the first time I've had a group like this!"

Thanks to the fine weather, the team were also able to trim the garden hedge at the entrance. Cooling refreshments were served up by the friendly foundation staff. At the end of the day the walls were white, the hedge was neat and everybody was well satisfied. The "adventure" was a complete success for both parties. By way of thanks for their social commitment, the day nursery children presented the QM team with a flower vase in the shape of a wild boar. Word has it that the wild boar has now found a home in the reception area of center manager Peter Bleyhl in Mettingen.

The Social Days are part of the "Daimler WeCare" initiative. WeCare: As a globally operating group, we are doing our part to promote social and societal development all over the world: "With our employees, at our locations, worldwide." We support and promote projects run by nonprofit organizations. Respect, tolerance, freedom and the diversity of society are the values that guide Daimler’s varied social activities all over the world.

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