“Tolerance and love will open all doors”

When Eda Sevim talks about her job, her eyes start to shine. She works in Marketing at Mercedes-Benz Financial Services in Turkey. She waited six years to become a diversity and inclusion ambassador. Her extraordinary commitment even earned her an award.

Mrs. Sevim, if your life was a book, what title would it have and why?

Maybe something like “Bold Steps”. Because courage was always at the beginning when I could achieve something in life.

You are committed to diversity and inclusion. Why is this topic important to you?

I strive to live in a world where every person is respected as they are. No matter what he or she believes. No matter what values he or she lives by. Together, each of us can make a difference. Sometimes it only takes a gesture to make others feel loved and accepted. If you add up all these supposedly "small" actions, they can have an incredible effect and bring about real change. That, and the fact that I can make a real contribution to integration in my job – motivates me immensely.

Would you say that there are country-specific differences in dealing with diversity and inclusion?

The development levels, beliefs and traditions of countries are different from each other. However, I think the factors that reveal these differences stem from individual perspectives. I am someone who believes that tolerance and love will open all doors, no matter how strict the countries traditions and beliefs are.

Diversity & Inclusion is a truly heartfelt matter for Eda Sevim.

You have won the European Excellence Award of Daimler Mobility AG for your voluntary work. An extra motivation?

EEA is a platform that embraces dedication, creativity and innovation. Colleagues nominate each other in different categories according to their efforts. It makes me proud and happy to have received this award - because it means that my environment perceives and appreciates my commitment. I am passionately committed to my values and hope to be able to initiate social change.

If you had one wish for your work, what would it be?

I would like to experience what it is like to work in a different culture and support other countries in the areas of diversity, inclusion and sustainability.

Please complete...

My most impressive/defining experience in diversity was...
"...when we were able to celebrate "NOthering Day" for the first time in 2019. The day is a fusion of women's and men's day - for all those who feel that they belong to both sexes."

The best thing about my job is…
"…touching people emotionally with my work."

For me, diversity is part of a comprehensive understanding of sustainability, because...
"...the social component is as crucial to sustainable development as environmental protection."

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