Facets of Sustainability

As a company, we are consistently working on the sustainable and self-determined mobility of the future. To achieve this goal, we are focusing on technological innovation.

We are determined to drive forward the necessary transformation of our business and our company. This is perhaps the most fundamental "lane change" – or how we call it „SpurWechsel“ – since we invented the car. It relates to our entire value chain: from product development through the supply chain, production, our products and sales to recycling.

In our multi-part special "Facets of Sustainability," we provide insights into our work, show how diverse sustainability is at Daimler and what it takes to anchor sustainability in the heart of business across all divisions.

Therefore, we are publishing detailed interviews, reports, and photo galleries that bring to life how colleagues around the world, together with external partners, are „changing lanes“ and driving forward the sustainable transformation at Daimler. Each chapter is dedicated to one stage of the value chain.

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