Our Commitment to Human Rights

For Daimler, respect for human rights is a fundamental aspect of responsible corporate governance. It is our ambition and objective to ensure that human rights are respected in all our Group companies, by our partners and by our suppliers. Where appropriate, we also work together with various associations, organizations and competitors for the responsible procurement of raw materials.

The automotive industry is undergoing a profound change. The transformation to CO2-neutrality and the associated expansion of electric mobility bring many challenges, for example with regard to raw materials such as cobalt or lithium and supply chains.

Our ambition is to ensure that human rights are respected in our Group companies, by our partners and by our suppliers - from the mines where raw materials are obtained to the processing companies, our own production and finally the customer. Daimler therefore has developed a systematic approach to respect for human rights, the “Daimler Human Rights Respect System” (HRRS). Our goal is clear: We want only products that are produced without any violations of human rights.

The UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights clearly define that companies also have a responsibility to protect human rights. Daimler accepts this responsibility - also because our customers and we want vehicles without any violations of human rights.

Reporting suspicions

The whistleblower system BPO (Business Practices Office) enables employees and external whistleblowers to report misconduct anywhere in the world. It is an important element of good corporate governance. Do you have concrete indications of major risk violations in connection with the Daimler Group? Please use our contact points:

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