From 2017: First vehicles with CO₂ air conditioning

Pioneers in matters concerning climate protection: Mercedes-Benz will fulfill all requirements regarding performance and safety when the next stage of the EU directive on "vehicle air conditioning systems in new vehicles" comes into effect from 2017.In Europe, CO₂ air conditioning systems will be offered for the first time in series production vehicles worldwide in the S-Class and E-Class.

Thanks to quickly available and high cooling capacity, CO₂ air conditioning systems ensure a pleasant climate inside the vehicle in a short space of time even in very high outdoor temperatures. The combination with high environmental compatibility makes it the sustainable premium solution among vehicle climate control systems.

New development with potential

The use of CO₂ as a refrigerant requires the new development of essential components, pipes and seals.CO₂ air conditioning systems work with more than 100 bar at a pressure rate that is around ten times higher than in current systems.Mercedes-Benz has created standards in this regard together with all German automobile manufacturers and numerous suppliers in the standards panel of the "Verband der Deutschen Automobilindustrie" (VDA, German Association of the Automotive Industry).In this context, Mercedes-Benz has assumed the pioneering role and is the first automobile manufacturer to not only award contracts for the development but also for the production of CO₂ air conditioning systems and their components.

The next stage of the EU directive from 2017

Despite the short time frame, the desired high level of quality for the CO₂air conditioning systems could already be realized for the top models.

Fleet-wide use by January 1, 2017, the date on which the new EU directive becomes effective, is not feasible. In order to fulfill the EU specifications for all model series on time, Mercedes-Benz is deploying safe solutions for the use of a synthetic refrigerant. This will be used across the entire automotive industry.

Aside from CO₂, to date R1234yf is the only refrigerant produced on an industrial scale that can fulfill the future specification of the EU directive,according to which the limit value for the Global Warming Potential (GWP) is 150.

Safe solution

As is well known, the refrigerant R1234yf presents a different inflammation potential as R134a, which has been used in industry to date. To offer its customers the usual high level of safety in future too, Mercedes-Benz has carried out intensive tests on all of its vehicle models.

The result is a comprehensive package of vehicle-specific measures that ensure the Mercedes-Benz standard of safety in models with the refrigerant R1234yf and that are employed as needed.

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