mytaxi – ordering a cab via an app

mytaxi enables a cab to be booked and paid for very conveniently via app. Sometimes the most simple solution.

Charlotte in the arrivals hall of the airport Stuttgart. Let's find the my taxi cab.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, we will shortly be arriving at the airport in Stuttgart. Due to our delayed departure we are landing fifteen minutes late. We apologize and hope this does not cause you any further inconvenience", says a friendly voice from the front area of the airplane.

Charlotte K. could still be getting annoyed that an older gentleman has calmly boarded the aircraft, despite the fact that he was called five times and the full plane was waiting for him.

She is not particularly pleased about the delayed arrival. In any case, Charlotte is already too late for her appointment at an art school. She checks the transport connection. She is going to miss the local fast train.

Another five minutes go by before she reaches the arrivals hall. Charlotte is gradually becoming nervous. Then I'll just take a cab, she thinks. Quick look in her purse: 1.65 euros. Great. Charlotte mulls it over. Then she remembers that her friend Marlene recently recommended an app for cabs. "From order to payment – everything via app", she can still hear Marlene's voice saying. What's the thing called again? Oh yes, there's the yellow logo: mytaxi.

Charlotte has already registered, Marlene was so excited about it. So how did it work?

Charlotte clicks on the mytaxi app. After the app has opened, she sees the available cabs which are nearby. Her current location at the airport is automatically registered and displayed as the start address in mytaxi. How practical, thinks Charlotte.

According to mytaxi it will take about 4 minutes for her cab to arrive at the airport and the integral journey calculator shows that the journey to the street Waldstrasse, which she has typed in as the destination address, will cost approximately 23 euros. The journey there will apparently take around 19 minutes. Charlotte also receives this useful information via the app.

She looks at her phone, stunned. Wow, then she'll still make it in time. The local fast train and tram would have taken 38 minutes including changes. Relieved, she orders the cab with one click. As she does not have enough cash with her, she selects the payment option "Pay by app". She had already given her credit card information when she registered. On the display of her smartphone Charlotte follows her cab's progress in real time as it approaches the airport. A counter shows the amount of time before the cab arrives. Charlotte knows that she has to look out for a Mercedes-Benz E-Class. She was told the precise number plate by the mytaxi app directly after placing the order. Charlotte also already knows the name of the driver. He is called Ali N. and has an average rating of four out of five stars. Sounds promising.

The counter now shows that there are just ten seconds to go before the cab arrives: And here is the Mercedes now coming down the ramp. Charlotte waves at it with her smartphone and the driver pulls up right in front of her. "Ms K.?", he asks, as he gets out to help her load her luggage. Charlotte nods and smiles back at him. "Hello there, off we go to the Waldstrasse", he says with a smile. The route for Ali N. to take is automatically displayed for him by the mytaxi app.

"Is this your first time in the region?", he asks. Charlotte grins and replies that it is. She finds the accent here funny and friendly. During the journey the driver talks of his grandchild bravely surviving that first visit to the dentist. And of his daughter, who is getting married next year.

In a mytaxi cab Charlotte is driven through Stuttgart.

Then the car stops. "That's 23 euros then, please", says Ali N. "You want to pay via app, don't you?" Charlotte confirms this with a nod. She wonders how this cashless payment will work. Up until now it has always been a problem. She recalls a night of partying, when neither she nor a friend of hers had money for the cab. In the end they had to stop off briefly at a cash machine, which put the price up by a further five euros.

Ali N. types "23.00" into his tablet and presses "Connect". Just seconds later

Charlotte receives a message on her smartphone, asking her to pay. She selects the option "10 percent tip" , because Ali was so nice. She swipes to the right on the touch display with her finger in order to pay. At this moment a green check mark appears on the large tablet. "Many thanks and have a nice day" says Ali and Charlotte gets out. At this moment she receives an email message. It is the cab receipt with all the information on the journey. Charlotte finds this very practical. At last, no more bits of paper in her purse.

Marlene was right. mytaxi is sometimes the most simply solution.

Then the app asks Charlotte whether she would like to rate Ali. Yes, she would. She gives him five out of five stars, because she found fault with nothing. Good invention, thinks Charlotte. So Marlene was right to be so enthusiastic after all.

myTaxi – the global forerunner among cab apps

With over 10 million downloads and over 45,000 cabs registered, mytaxi is the leading cab-ordering app in Europe.

Users can order and pay for cabs in more than 40 cities in six countries. The company Intelligent Apps GmbH invented the mytaxi concept in the summer of 2009. At the beginning of 2012 Daimler became involved in the Hamburg start-up as an investor and took over the operator of mytaxi 100 percent in the fall of 2014. In July 2016 mytaxi announced the merger with the cab agent Hailo. In future this will create a network of 100,000 cab drivers in over 50 cities, reaching more than 70 million passengers.

Read more about mytaxi or register directly now at

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