Daimler plant Sindelfingen It's getting greener and more colorful

Daimler's plant in Sindelfingen is being made fit for the future. New buildings are being built, old ones are being torn down, and roads are being redirected. And new plants are being planted. That is why, in October and November the employees working on a plantation project were told to "grab those bulbs!".

More than 20 teams from the Sindelfingen plant dug, burrowed and planted in order to create something new. A total of more than 55,000 bulbs were planted in the plant's open green spaces.

Grab those Bulbs!

A plantation plan made sure that every plant was given a predetermined and appropriate place in the sun (or shade). It was important to clarify in advance who would be planting which areas in order to avoid the "amateur gardeners" stepping on each other's feet. It will not be possible to see the plants in full bloom until spring 2017. One important side benefit: New jobs have also been created for the hard-working wild bees at the Sindelfingen plant.

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