Daimler supports Bach Academy BACHMOVES! SING!

The music of Johann Sebastian Bach has always been a source of delight. With its project BACHBEWEGT! (Bach moves!) the International Bach Academy Stuttgart is aiming to interest young people in particular in Bach's music. Daimler is giving its support to the project "BACHBEWEGT! SING!

The focus of the "BACHBEWEGT! SING!" project is to encourage people to sing together. The aim is to make Johann Sebastian Bach's music a part of children's lives right from elementary-school level by encouraging them to sing. For Bach, the concept of a choir referred not only to singing, but also to instrumental music. Even back then, in 1730, it was a natural assumption for him that the instruments of the orchestra should be as one with the voices of the choir. For most of the children this represents their first contact with classical music and they come to it without any preconceived reservations. BACHBEWEGT! SING! brings people together, irrespective of what sort of school they attend and across all generations. This is an important new and forward-looking principle of the Bach Academy Stuttgart.

Excerpts from Bach's Christmas Oratorio provided the highlight of the 2016 intergenerational family concert. 250 school children from a wide range of social and cultural backgrounds spent months rehearsing and learning to appreciate Bach's art. The culmination of these efforts on the part of the youth choir was a concert under professional conditions in the Stuttgart 'Liederhalle' concert hall , together with the "Gaechinger Cantorey" choir under the leadership of Hans-Christoph Rademann. With effect from the 2016/2017 season, the various ensembles of the Bach Academy will be grouped together under the name "Gaechinger Cantorey".

The idea of making music more accessible, in all sorts of ways, is the central theme that runs through everything that the Bach Academy undertakes. A wide range of projects developed specifically for children and young people are grouped together under the overall heading of BACHBEWEGT! Schoolchildren from elementary and special schools are encouraged to experience the meaningfulness of music, particularly that of Johann Sebastian Bach but also of other composers, without any prior qualifications required or conditions imposed. The Bach Academy uses teachers as multiplying factors.

Daimler has been supporting the project "BACHBEWEGT! SING!" since 2015.

In 2016 Daimler is also supporting the annual MUSIKFESTSTUTTGART organized by the International Bach Academy Stuttgart, which this year is devoted to the theme of »Riches« in all its infinite variety. As if tailored to the inventive spirit that is such a characteristic of the Stuttgart region are the unusual formats used in the festival series »Unternehmen Musik« (Business Music), with one of the highlights here the Gershwin Piano Quartet played on four Steinway grand pianos in the Mercedes-Benz Museum. The program, with music by Tchaikovsky, Wagner and Gershwin, brings a reminder of the old partnership between William Steinway and Gottlieb Daimler back in the 19th century. Part of the support comes in the form of a fleet of Daimler vehicles used to provide the shuttle service for the artists.

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